‘So What’s Real?’ (2015)

Is any nonsensical claim too far out to attract passionate believers?

Like… oh… people who insist the earth is flat.

So What’s Real?

I do refuse to debate this. To debate it would be to lend dignity to a really silly conspiracy theory. And to deny common sense, while we’re at it.

But Flat Earth isn’t the only idiocy boiling in the pot today. Some are worse–all that ca-ca about all the different “genders,” for instance. That’s worse. Or how about this one? “The 2020 presidential election was fair and honest.” Sort of puts Flat Earth in the shade, doesn’t it?

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  1. As I see it, the Flat Earth movement is the ultimate act of defiance. The people I have spoken to that promote this belief are quite adamant, but my impression is that they are ultimately choosing to believe something that defies logic, as a way of extending a middle finger to anyone and everyone that refuses to acquiesce to their right to believe something that most people see as absurd.

    Twice in my adult life, I have felt that I was in immediate danger of being physically assaulted. The first time, I was in my thirties, and speaking to a middle-aged woman who had been going on and on about some “investigative journalist” on a local TV channel. Some huge story had broken, claiming to have blown the lid off of local government mismanagement, and the story had conveniently broken just in time for Sweeps Week. I had simply asked, in a calm manner, if this “journalist” had done this for the public good, or to boost ratings. The fury that I witnessed in this otherwise calm, middle-aged woman, was a sight to behold. I truly thought that she was going to attack me.

    The second time I felt in immediate threat oh physical assault was speaking to a flat-earther. The actions which provoked his anger, were simply that I refused to acquiesce to his beliefs regarding a flat earth. I didn’t even argue against what he was saying, I just refused to agree. He bristled, got within inches of my face, and then stormed out of the room, acting as if he had been personally insulted.

    Talking to such people is a waste of time, IMO.

  2. I have found that many Christians, when discussing some doctrine or supposed biblical teaching, can be just as arrogant, haughty, proud, and mistaken, as any evolutionist I have ever talked with. And their stubbornness and hardheadedness, becomes arrogance. And evolutionists, because they have years of evolutionary education behind them, believe they are now well-educated in facts and science. Thus, they know their beliefs do not defy logic, and is never absurd. Accordingly, anyone who refuses to acquiesce to their truth, is extending a middle finger to facts and truth.

    Many Christians have years of Bible study and years of research behind them. Thus, things they think defy logic, Scripture, that they along with many other Christians consider absurd, (due to their vast wealth of knowledge and learning). And of course, just like evolutionists who have learned useless piffle over the years, those things they have learned, everything is true, error is never found within their doctrine. Thus, many things they may consider absurd or defy logic, will not even listen to someone who may bring a different idea, or something new to light.

    Over the years, I have become wise enough, to at least listen to those who bring ideas and beliefs to me, that, at the time I may consider absurd, or lacking in logic (science does not deal with logic), or goes against what I believe the Scripture teaches. I have written two books about a doctrine, that when I first heard about it, I said, “You have got to be kidding.” Another time, I wondered why many did not believe a teaching many others held to. So, I read their reasons, and dug deep into Scripture, and changed my long-held doctrine. Because of a love for truth, I have learned about things, and now believe, which I once considered absurd. God gave us two ears to hear and one mouth to speak. Many times, we do not hear, nor listen, we just speak without consideration. I am so glad I have learned to do so, at least some of the time.

    We do not have to debate those we may consider ignorant, (but listening is a good thing), and I have found a number of times, when I did listen, it was truly me who was the ignorant one.

    1. You should see some of the emails I get. There’s nothing at all to be gained by listening to their authors.

      But it is true that humility is a virtue, all too often neglected.

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