We Has ‘Got’ A New Pledj!!!

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Garinteed to Maik yiu not Sick ennymoar!!!! (Sorry, i doughnt speek Spannish so i doughnt know what “that” says up Thare!!!)

This heer it “is” “the” Laitist Thing and we Are so Prowed our Stoodint Soviet we Are rihght out thare in Fronnt “of” It!!!!!

Fromb nhow On evry boddy heer At Collidge thay has to Maik A Pledj that says we got to Up-Hold Climbit Chainge and fite Aginst Racism and Abelism and Seckism and Colonism and Binairy and “awl the” resst of Bad Stuph!!!!! And bring to bare all the wisdumb we “has lernt” in Nothing Studies and Ginder Studdies and evry Thing elsst!!!!!!

And enny boddy that woont Taike The Pledj we will has themb “Kikked Out of” Collidge like fourevver!!!! And aslo beeten centsless!!!

Eevin dockter scools thay “Are” dooing “it” tooo!!!! Dockters who refuze “to” chainge somb-one’s Secks and Gender thay Cant “be” dockters ennymoar!!!!! Thay wil has to Give-Up that thare Racist Westren Meddasin and ownly “do” Indidgerniss Meddisin !! Whith fethers and Chanting!!! and no moar of themb stopid Annasthicks!! (That”s” the meddasin thay Uze to nock yiu Out!! It “is” Racist Colonist Meddasin!@!”)!

We whil Bring Daown this here Eevel Racist Contry iff its “The” lassed Thing we doo!!!!!!!!!!

That”s Collidge!!!!!!!


3 comments on “We Has ‘Got’ A New Pledj!!!

  1. I’ve often thought that the multitude of invasive and expensive tests doctors have been pushing on their victims-I-mean-patients, along with all the exciting new pills and shots, are about on the level of witch doctors’ drums, chants, and feathers — but a lot more expensive. I’ve begun to say of almost all doctors what I used to say about the VA, i.e., “I’d rather die in the street.”

  2. Hey Joe, some people getting kicked out of college would be the best thing that ever happened to them. They could actually go to work and learn a trade and make tons of money instead of drowning in debt for the next three decades like you will be.

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