By Request, ‘The Old Rugged Cross’

This one’s for Phoebe, who’s feeling somewhat less than tip-top today (prayers are in order)–The Old Rugged Cross, sung by Alan Jackson.

I used to choke up when we sang this hymn in Sunday school. Sometimes I still do… and I give the Father thanks for that.

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  1. This has been one of my favorites for many years, and this singer does it well. Prayers being offered for Phoebe. I’m not in good shape either, so include me too.

    1. Erlene, thank you for your prayers. I pray for you every day in my Morning Offering. Like you, I’m having dizzy spells, or at least difficulty at times in keeping my balance. Part of it, I think, is exhaustion, but part of it is also just plain old age — which makes me exhausted over things I used to do easily when I was a youngster of 70. (Lame joke.)

  2. I like Alan Jackson’s rendition of “The Old Rugged Cross.” And I like Boney M’s song, “Rivers of Babylon.”

    Years ago, at Christmas time, I was listening to a radio station play Christmas songs, when they played “Mary’s Boy Child” by Boney M. I liked their rendition so well; I called the station and asked the name of the group which sang it, it was Boney M. I had not heard of that group before, but I went and bought their Christmas CD with that song on it. I liked all the songs they sang.

    So, I have a request, Boney M’s “Mary’s Boy Child.”

  3. I was just going to request this hymn! It was written and sung first in Michigan, where I’ve lived the second half of my life. The church where these events happened still stands and is open to visitors. Here is a link to a website explaining the origins of this beautiful hymn: .

  4. Thank you, Lee. By the time I got home yesterday, I was too wiped out to sit up at the computer, so I saved it for this morning. And yes, it’s brought tears to my eyes — and a great sense of peace to carry me through the day. I’ll save it and play it again later.

    Only Jesus could take something so ugly and turn it into something so beautiful. Including our own shabby lives. Thank you, Lord Jesus, thank you.

    I thought I’d have today off to rest, except for changing Iggy’s litter box, but it turns out that I have more errands to run instead. I’m so exhausted that I’m literally walking into walls, or at least doorjambs. But I’ll cling to that old rugged cross….

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