By Request, ‘The Old Rugged Cross’

Several of you included The Old Rugged Cross among your favorite hymns–and this is surely a time for clinging to the cross of Christ. This version is by Alan Jackson.

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By Request, ‘The Old Rugged Cross’

Phoebe requested this one–The Old Rugged Cross, sung by Alan Jackson. You really shouldn’t be able to listen to this hymn without your eyes filling up. But that’s okay–your tears are a tribute to Jesus Christ Our Lord, who loves us.

‘The Old Rugged Cross’

Easter is coming, we’ll be taking Easter hymns. This one, The Old Rugged Cross, used to make me cry when I was a little boy: not so you could hear it, just a lump in the throat and a tear or two.

Sung here by Tennessee Ernie Ford.

By Request, ‘The Old Rugged Cross’

I can’t thank Phoebe enough for requesting this hymn today–The Old Rugged Cross, sung by Alan Jackson. Providential: my accumulated stresses this morning all blew up at once, and one of my neighbors bore the brunt of it. After I’d calmed down a bit, we apologized to each other, shook hands, and made up.

Speaking for myself, I need God’s grace today, I needed that old rugged cross.

But don’t we all?

‘The Old Rugged Cross’ (Burl Ives)

Phoebe asked for more hymns by Burl Ives, so more hymns by Burl Ives we’ve got.

I don’t often post The Old Rugged Cross. If it brings a tear to your eye, that’s okay. I know a swordsman who has that reaction, too.

‘The Old Rugged Cross’ (Fountainview Academy)

When I was a little boy, this hymn, The Old Rugged Cross, used to make me cry. And it chokes me up pretty good this morning, too. But to pay this tribute to our beloved Savior is nothing.

Sung by the kids at Fountainview Academy, British Columbia. Background by God the Creator.

Hymn, ‘The Old Rugged Cross’

By reader request, The Old Rugged Cross, sung by Tennessee Ernie Ford.

This hymn always used to make me cry when we sang it in Sunday school. It’s still a little hard for me. But I firmly believe that we should not withhold the tribute of tears from those we love–and should we not love our Savior?

And there goes the faucet…