And This Must Be Said!

Righteous father blasts woke school board… Powerful words…

I got this from Citizen Free Press, a site I don’t know how to navigate, so I couldn’t find any text to go with it. To see the video, you’ll have to click the title up there.

But this man, this father, needs no help from me. He is laying it on the wise fools who run his local school district, and if they had any more sense than a parking meter, they’d listen.

Anyway, this powerful message speaks for itself. We shall indeed be judged by God someday. Arguments for “diversity” and “inclusion” won’t impress him.

But listen to the video. These were words that needed to be said.

5 comments on “And This Must Be Said!

  1. It astounds me that children are being exposed to some very adult subject matter. When I was a child, there was significant effort to shield children from such things.

  2. Wow! Hot diggety! We should have more minority parents speaking up like this at school board meetings — especially fathers. And we should have more parents in general pulling their kids out of the public schools. I know many families can’t afford private schools (some of which are just as bad anyway) or staying home to homeschool, but if enough parents got together, they might be able to start “pods” of shared time and shared tutors.

    The greenies may be right about the rising of the oceans, but only because so many millstone-attached “educators” will have displaced the waters.

    1. Middle-class families in ancient Rome, who couldn’t afford their own tutors, pooled their resources to hire tutors who would teach several families’ children at the same time–sort of a schoolhouse. A number of neighborhoods in America today have this arrangement. I’ve spoken with some of the people involved and they’re very happy with it.

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