Beautiful… Just Beautiful!

My wife chanced to discover this last night, and we both agreed it was one of the most beautiful pieces of music that we’d ever heard–the Welsh melody, “Hyfrydol,” played on a mountain dulcimer. Wonderful! Brought us close to tears. I just had to share it with you.

I used to know someone whose father made dulcimers. They lived in West Virginia.

Many hymns have adopted “Hyfrydol” as their setting, including some whose lyrics were written long before the melody was composed by Rowland Pritchard in the 19th century. If it seems familiar to you… well, you’ve probably heard it or sung it in church.

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  1. That is indeed lovely.

    I’m going to have to shut down the system and lie down for a while. I pushed myself too hard to get a lot of chores done today — including ferrying two cars back and forth between dealerships in order to get a delayed trade-in on my new car, then stopping at the bank and at the supermarket. I kept wanting to quit and do the rest tomorrow, but I kept telling myself (1) “You may be too tired tomorrow”; (2) “If you do leave it to tomorrow you’ll have to push Saturday housecleaning to Sunday and the dominoes will keep falling”: and (3) “If you don’t get some celery you won’t be able to make that split pea soup for supper.” I’m surprised that I remained upright through all of that, not even pausing for lunch — but now my back and arms and legs are killing me, my eyes are blurry, and I can hardly sit up at my desk to type this. (Other than that, I feel fine, ha ha.) So I’m calling it a day and looking forward to my nice pea soup for supper. I’ll try to catch up on emails tomorrow.

    1. Oh, and I neglected to mention the haircut appointment before the car-ferrying, as well as the stop at the pet shop between the bank and the supermarket. And now I’m stretched out on the couch, trying to type on my itty-bitty phone keyboard. Everything hurts except my right eyelid.

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