‘We Has Got a New Deen!!!’ (2019)

Greta Thunberg: Kids 'will never forgive' you for failing on climate change  | CNN

Desperately trying to heal a blog which has suddenly lost 50% (!) of its viewership, I turn to a vintage essay by our idiot in residence, Joe Collidge.

We Has got A new Deen!!!

Yes, there’s nothing like Higher Education to make you stupid! Someday we will be looking up to chairs and fire hydrants as our intellectual betters.

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  1. My original prediction about Greta seems to be coming true. Child prodigies (or puppets as the case may be) tend to lose their luster as they cease to be children. Impassioned illogic sounds impressive coming from a youngster, but in a grownup it just sounds trite.

    I may not be around much today. Two errands this morning and I’m already flagging. I think I’ll just grog out on the couch with a puzzle book and/or a mystery for the rest of the day.

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