‘The Libs’ Tower of Babel’ (2016)

Gender-Neutral Pronouns: How To Use "Xe/Xem," "They/Them," and More | Them

Is this 100% per crapola, or what?

When they sought to build a tower reaching up to heaven, God confounded human language, breaking it up into hundreds of mutually unintelligible languages. This prevented the formation of a world government.

Now leftids confound our language as a step toward world government!

Because hopelessly confused people who can’t express themselves coherently are easier to control.

The Libs’ Tower of Babel

My old alma mater, Rutgers University, advises students “Just shut up!” because, after all, there’s really no such thing as free speech. But if you do talk, they want to make sure you babble idiotically. All those new pronouns, including “they” for “he” or “she,” were only invented to mess up your brain.

O Lord our God, deliver us!

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  1. Ultimately, the element of society that opposes the True God, will become mired in a trap of their own making.

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