Oops! Washington Post Loses 500,000 Subscribers

All the President's Men (1976)

Get woke, go broke!

The Far Left “newpaper,” The Washington Post, has lost some 500,000 subscribers in the course of a year, down 20% from the 3 million they had going into 2021 (https://www.breitbart.com/the-media/2022/12/14/nolte-far-left-washington-post-lost-500000-subscribers/). Advertising revenues are down 15%.

Layoffs are looming, the bosses say.

Still living on its laurels from “All the President’s Men” back in the 1970s, the Post is on the left side of every issue. It’s surprising that they’ve only lost a fifth of their subscribers. But if they keep on going the way they’re going, they’re sure to lose more.

The struggle of our time is populism vs. arbitrary rule by self-anointed experts and elites. One will win, the other will lose. It’s not given to every generation to have a clear picture of what their time in history is about.

May the Lord our God defend us–and equip us for victory.

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