Fitness Is Racist! (Or So They Tell Us)

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I refuse to publish the picture that goes with this… nooze. Here’s a nice tree frog instead.

One more nooze article, this one, and then I’m done for the year. Let 2022 blow one last fart.

Time Magazine has picked up on an associate professor of history’s blather about “The White Supremacist Origins of Exercise” ( This moron “teaches” at The New School in New York City.

Yesterday it was Sean Penn looking like a homeless wino. Today it’s this unsightly character from The New School. (No, I will not post that picture.) I’m beginning to wonder if spiritual pollution eventually manifests itself physically. 

Well, anyhow, in recent years Far Left Crazy has begun to embrace obesity as some kind of virtue signal. “By their fruits you shall know them,” said the Lord. I didn’t know He meant it literally.

These people, who insist that they’re the brightest of the bright, need to be mocked, need to be laughed at! And Time Magazine probably needs to go out of business. Stop buying it.

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  1. “ I’m beginning to wonder if spiritual pollution eventually manifests itself physically.”

    I believe that it does. Thinking back to people I’ve known over my lifetime; people I knew in school, coworkers, etc. it seems to me that people who made bad life choices frequently underwent a change in appearance, a change in countenance and frequently a change in dress & grooming. One particularly sad experience was an entry-level employee at a place I worked. Allegedly, he had started using illegal drugs, and his appearance changed rapidly, in lockstep with his behavior. It ended tragically, after an incredibly rapid decline. I noticed changes in behavior, and appearance pretty much simultaneously.

  2. See also “The Picture of Dorian Gray.” However, we also know that “The Devil can appear as an angel of light.”

    Pretty tree frog, though.

  3. The term “Racist” is an evolutionary concept (and really stupid idea) and belief which Christians should stop using without a challenge or contesting of its use. There are not “races” of humans living on earth. Using that term is “buying” into the idea or belief that evolution really took place, and some races really are more evolved than other groups. All men are “one blood” as the scriptures put it. There is only one race, but there are various cultures and nations.

    Evolution for people, is that some groups (races) are more advanced and some inferior and less evolved. Whenever that term is used by anyone, we always need to stop further conversation and get them to clarify what they mean by their use of the word “Racist”. We need to define the words in any debate or discussion first, if, and when we can.

    1. Good point, we are but one race. There are different people groups, people that live in an arctic region will have different customs than people living on a tropical island, but all people are essentially the same, and have an incredible degree of commonality.

      My job involves working with people around the world. I’m always pleasantly surprised by how similar people really are, around the world. If people concentrate on how much we have in common, instead of searching for differences, the results can be very positive.

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