Fitness Is Racist! (Or So They Tell Us)

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I refuse to publish the picture that goes with this… nooze. Here’s a nice tree frog instead.

One more nooze article, this one, and then I’m done for the year. Let 2022 blow one last fart.

Time Magazine has picked up on an associate professor of history’s blather about “The White Supremacist Origins of Exercise” ( This moron “teaches” at The New School in New York City.

Yesterday it was Sean Penn looking like a homeless wino. Today it’s this unsightly character from The New School. (No, I will not post that picture.) I’m beginning to wonder if spiritual pollution eventually manifests itself physically. 

Well, anyhow, in recent years Far Left Crazy has begun to embrace obesity as some kind of virtue signal. “By their fruits you shall know them,” said the Lord. I didn’t know He meant it literally.

These people, who insist that they’re the brightest of the bright, need to be mocked, need to be laughed at! And Time Magazine probably needs to go out of business. Stop buying it.

‘Oh, Boy! Free Money!’

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Two Morlocks with their lunch

“Universal Basic Income.” If you say it real fast and don’t stop to think about it, it doesn’t sound so bad.

It also helps if you’re a total chucklehead.

Oh, Boy! Free Money!

This is what they’re teaching in our public schools and looniversities. Really, how hard do you want to work to keep the lazy drone next door in video games and Starter jackets?

What would happen if we, as a country, actually tried to do all the things the Far Left Crazy says we ought to do?

We wouldn’t last another ten days.


A Cure? Hell, No, We Don’t Want a Cure!

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Tish-tosh! 203 over 114 is not high blood pressure! It’s just different–and something not to be cured, but celebrated!

If you had a disability that could be corrected, or at least made less onerous, would you rather have the cure–or a bunch of academic pinheads “celebrating” you as “differently abled”? Sheesh, it’s not even proper English.

I have received an email describing this nonsense; and my sister, a healthcare professional, says it’s a “movement” that’s been gathering speed over the past few years. I am not going to name the school mentioned in the email, nor use any of the real names cited. Idiots are idiots no matter what you call ’em.

So they’re having a conference at Fimbo State to consider whether they should just forget about “curing” anything and instead trying to convince the disabled person to “flourish” in his mere “difference.”

Wow! I guess I can just throw my blood pressure pills out the window now and “celebrate” the fact that my blood pressure is just plain “different” and isn’t that just hunky dory? Sure takes the heat off the medical profession, don’t it?

The university is truly awe-inspiring as a fountainhead of genuinely bad ideas.

We could do nothing better than to cut off the funding. Now. Today.

‘Team Sports… for Your 5-Year-Old?’ (2014)

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Six years after I first heard it, this story strikes me as even more appalling than it did.

Team Sports… for Your 5-Year-Old?

I’ve played team sports, and can testify that sports brings out the worst in people. You never saw such politicking, back-biting, rumor-mongering, and throat slitting as you’ll find on any softball team. Something about sports tells a certain kind of pinhead that he can really let fly. Heck, play pickup basketball with the same guys long enough, and the same thing will happen.

Five years old is way too young for this.

‘Idiot: Nancy Drew Will Be “Diverse”‘ (2016)

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When something ain’t broken, don’t fix it!

The good news is that this wretched little scheme fell through before it could be imposed on us. The bad news, of course, is that it was ever thought of in the first place.

Idiot: New Nancy Drew Will Be ‘Diverse’

I looked it up. You wanna know why the “new Nancy Drew” never made it to the airwaves. According to TV bigwigs, it was because Nancy Drew was… “too female”!

Give me strength.

How badly did we need another TV s**tcom about hard-bitten New York cops?

And what in the world did that mental Lilliputian mean by promising that Nancy Drew herself would be “diverse”? Clearly he does not know what the word means.

There’s a lot of that going around.


Gasp! Study Shows ‘Free Money’ Doesn’t Work

Just when you thought Universal Basic Income’s time had come, when everyone would get paid by the government just for existing… along comes a study that shows it simply doesn’t work (

Public Services International, a “global trade union federation” (whatever that is), researched UBI “free money” schemes in several places around the world where they’ve been tried–India, Alaska, Finland, Kenya, et al. Not only does it not work; why, it doesn’t do anything to “prevent widening income inequalities”!

If I may interject a question here: Why should incomes be “equal”? Why should diligent, competent, honest people’s incomes be “equal” to those of lazy, incompetent, dishonest people? Why should something really good cost the same as something lousy?

“Income inequality” is a very, very silly thing to be concerned about.

Oh! And the research also discovered–surprise, surprise!–that money paid out to people just for occupying space was no longer available for other purposes, having already been spent as UBI. “Gawrsh, Mickey! Who would’ve expected that?” Goofy wonders. Forsooth, money that’s already been spent can’t be spent on other things!

But if you still think it’s a good idea to pay bone-idle drones to loll on the couch playing video games and watch TV all day and night–well, you’ll always have a place in liberalism.

‘Idiocy on Steroids’ (2014)

Image result for images of mugging

Did you know it’s immoral to resist a mugger? Like, if he “asks” you for your money and you don’t give it to him, that makes you, like, a bad Christian?

Go ahead–tell me that in the four years since I published it, this kind of idiocy has evaporated. Betcha it would take you all of five minutes to find it alive and well in Congress. On the Democrat side of the aisle.

And if you can’t find it there, look in California.