Stealth ‘Education’ (2020)

Review: The Nutty Professor - Slant Magazine

What could our colleges possibly have to hide?

If there was one good thing to come out of the COVID scare, it was this:

Millions of parents, for the first time ever, saw and heard exactly what was being “taught” to their children in public school, exactly how their high taxes and exorbitant college tuitions were being spent–and no, precious, they didn’t like it! Not one bit.

Stealth ‘Education’

In any dealings with “educators,” “Trust no one” is a motto that can’t go wrong. For years and years and years, parents trustingly turned their children to these schools. It was a bonanza for the Far Left Crazy. We will be feeling its evil effects for years to come.

But at least the cat’s out of the bad now, and a lot of those parents are standing up and questioning their local school boards. Give the pushback time to work.

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  1. It’s good that they’re questioning, but just as funds are put in escrow when a transaction is being questioned, the parents really need to put their children in escrow — i.e., take them out of the schools and put them into alternative educational situations such as homeschooling — while the schools are being questioned. Otherwise, the schools will just keep up the indoctrination and grooming. In fact, they may even double down on what they’re doing, sensing that their chokehold is about to be loosened.

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