‘Have the Space Aliens All Died Out?’ (2016)

Has anyone observed this? It’s supposed to be from Venus.

What’s Step One of the scientific method? “Observe nature”–right?

Step Two, so it seems, is “If you don’t see what you expect to see, and desperately want to see, then obviously it just ain’t there anymore and it’s probably because of SUVs or something.”

Have the Space Aliens All Died Out?

We couldn’t find any ETs, so they must’ve gone extinct. Or else we just haven’t looked in the right place.

Try the next Democrat Convention.

5 comments on “‘Have the Space Aliens All Died Out?’ (2016)

  1. It’s as if they cannot face even the possibility that the stories they use to soothe themselves are false. Of course, they love death.

    1. You see how it was supposed to work. 1. Universe full of aliens. 2. All different forms of intelligent life. 3. Therefore there is no God because they can’t all be “in His image.” 4. And therefore they can have sex with minors.

      –Liberalism 101

    2. I think you’ve reduced it to its essence. Being made in God’s image, carries with it a significant moral responsibility, and there are any number of people whom refuse to live by these moral standards. One very famous scientist, whose works I have read, was famously promiscuous. He was, in fact, a truly great mind, but he chose to live, immorally.

      By the standards of secular government, that was allowed, but it struck me as a very selfish approach to life. Our ability to procreate is sacred, because we are made in God’s image, and I think that everyone benefits from living clean lives. Sadly, very relatively people do that, these days.

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