‘Sacraments of Humanism: Sex Education’ (2017)

We know the feeling, don’t we?

Six years ago (!) the Coalition of African-American Pastors warned that the anti-Christian, anti-family aspects of public education, and its nose-dive into Transgender, were going to get more blatant, more extreme… and what the devil are we doing, allowing this to happen?

Sacraments of Humanism: Sex Education

Let’s face it–this whole humanist enterprise is nothing but Jurassic Park, and the dinosaurs are all on the loose, eating people. It was supposed to give us utopia. But it gave us Dylan Mulvaney instead.

Now we have to find out if it’s too late to get out from under this.

3 comments on “‘Sacraments of Humanism: Sex Education’ (2017)

  1. I’m with Jeff Goldblum on this. You could see it coming, but it’s as hard to stop as a hungry dinosaur.

    1. Yeah, and now it’s no longer a small hungry dinosaur, but a super sized Tyrannosaurus.

      There has been some push back from Budweiser’s, Bud Light’s endorsement of Mulvaney and a few other companies endorsement of such evil. But is it enough?

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