Wipe Out History: Rename Sacramento Schools

Kit Carson - Wikipedia

Kit Carson, circa 1850–boo! hiss!

*Sigh* When will Far Left Crazy decide they’ve lopped off enough of our history? And what will be left of it by then?

Now they want to rename three public schools in Sacramento because the three historical figures they were named for… well, they’re white men, ya see, and the things they stood for in the early 19th century, they’re not the things we stand for today (https://californiaglobe.com/articles/ignorant-cancel-culture-comes-for-3-sacramento-city-schools/).

California was never a state where slavery was allowed, although that doesn’t stop Democrats from demanding astronomical “reparations” paid to people who have not been slaves. BUT! White folks took the Native Americans’ land! Folks like John Sutter, whose discovery of gold started the Gold Rush; Peter Burnett, the first governor of California, whose sin was not being Gavin Newsom; and Kit Carson, famous as a cavalry scout and explorer. ALL THREE MUST BE ERASED! CAST INTO THE OUTER DARKNESS! Because…

The naming of schools “must align with the District’s mission and vision.” Yeah? What’s that? Silly! Of course it’s their “commitment to confront and interrupt racism.” Who cares if they never learn to read? Math, shmath! We’re here to confront racism!”

By stirring up more racism. By fomenting racial fear and hatred.

That’s their mission. That’s their vision.

No one worth a damn would even want one of those schools named after him.

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  1. I was going to share this to my Facebook, but that’s been getting very hard to do. I get this message a lot.

    “User opted out of platform: The action attempted is disallowed, because the user has opted out of the Facebook platform.”

    Since you have a Facebook share button, I am guessing you never opted out, and it has to do with Canada’s new censorship law. Social media is now supposed to pay our government… er.. the CRTC… for every news link shared on their platforms. FB and Google have responded by blocking Canadian media links, except it seems to include YouTube channels and blog posts of all kinds. It’s been curious to discover what I suddenly can’t share to FB anymore.

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