Now Where Was I?

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Okay: the main computer, the laptop, and the printer are now back in business. This consumed our entire weekend and most of this morning.

The only nooze I’ve heard is that the Dutch government fell, which came as no surprise. “Hey! What say we shut down all the farms–put a stop to Climbit Chains?” “Ja, myheer, that is a very good idea! And while we’re at it, why don’t we bring in another couple million Muslims?” Of course their government fell. What took it so long?

France will be next, if they don’t find a way to calm the people down. I suggest pursuing sane and productive policies instead of wicked idiocies.

I have a lot of catching up to do–unless y’all would like me to just take it from here, let the dead (so to speak of nooze that everyone else has already covered) bury the dead.

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  1. Let the moribund hobnob with the moribund. Let’s have some live and sane stuff — like Byron’s TV Guide, Oy Rodney, and/or Joe Collidge. And any nooze that happens to cry out for a venting as you hear about it.

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