‘The “Right” to Teach?’ (2019)

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What they’re really after is the “right” to groom your kids for sex. Go ahead, teacher unions: deny it if you dare.

Teachers’ unions don’t even try, anymore, to hide their disdain for the tax-paying public. More than a few of them have come right out and declared themselves Marxists. And then there are all the sexual misfits–

And this country’s fixing to send its children back to those schools? Gluttons for punishment, aren’t we?

The ‘Right’ to Teach?

Where is it written that freaks and wackos have a “right” to teach?

But it’s out fault. We just keep on sending our kids to those schools, no matter how far-out and toxic it gets. I don’t know what “teachers” have to do anymore to get the parents’ dander up. And as for the local school boards themselves–

Well, once upon a time they represented us and served the community.

But that was once upon a time.

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  1. I remember when we were still actively homeschooling; there were actually quite a few teachers homeschooling their kids, because of what they saw in the school system. However, they were the exception and often had to keep their heads low about it. Most teachers had an absolute contempt for parents and that fact that homeschooling was legal made them furious.

    And that was years ago. It’s gotten so much worse, now!

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