‘Erasing Our Whole Way of Life’ (My Newswithviews Column, Sept. 21)

Free Demon Devil vector and picture

Surely he doesn’t look like this… but you know who I mean.

One of the honchos at the World Economic Fund calls us plebs “useless eaters,” fit only to be distracted with drugs and video games while they try to decide what to do with us. And there’ll be a lot less for us to eat, once they get going.

Democrats to Abolish Meat, Dairy Products and Private Car Ownership

What I want to know is, Why do they act like they know, somehow, that they can actually do these things to us? It’s like they know we’ll make no serious effort to stop them. Today Phoenix, tomorrow the world.

I’d like to get inside their heads and find out why… But it’s damnably dark in there. Might not be able to see much.

2 comments on “‘Erasing Our Whole Way of Life’ (My Newswithviews Column, Sept. 21)

  1. Ultimately, this is satanic in origin. In John 8:44, Jesus refers to Satan as a murderer from the beginning. Satan hates the human race, and seeks to destroy it. The Bible gives us limited insight into the spirit realm, but we know that there is rebellion among some of them. If humans can remain faithful to God, this thwarts Satan, and he wants us dead, plain and simple.

  2. Right you are, unknowable2. God is love, and our enemy is pure hatred. We do have the power to overcome him if we will draw near to God and turn our backs on everything
    the devil uses against us.

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