‘What? 30 Million Killed by Virus?’ (2020)

Victims Of The Black Plague Photograph by Everett

Worse than the Great Plague! Bring on the mail-in ballots

The thing to remember here is that as they did it in 2020, they’ll do it again in 2024–a nice big panic, lockdowns, ballot drop boxes, and mail-in voting–and surprise! Another Democrat victory.

What? 30 Million Killed by Virus?

Here’s the kind of panic porn they were trotting out three years ago. “Thirty million dead with COVID!” And it was pure fear-mongering. It was not true. Its entire purpose was political.

How else do you get a monkey like Joe Biden into the White House?

Are we prepared to say “No, no, no!” this time?

5 comments on “‘What? 30 Million Killed by Virus?’ (2020)

  1. Yeah, more scam headed our way. Lets ignore them and if approached, show them printed info that proves our point.

  2. I was prepared to say “no, no” the first time, and I said it loudly and often – but almost no one listened to me. I’m not optimistic about most people’s reactions to the next round of panic porn.

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