Too Much… Freedom?

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Almost half, 47%, of Biden voters say that “Government should regulate or restrict the expression of views considered discriminatory or offensive,” according to a poll by the University of Virginia Center for Politics (

Gee–I consider that an offensive view: profoundly offensive.

It gets worse: 35% of Trump supporters agreed.

And about a third of the respondents agree that “Americans have too much freedom”!

Can’t blame Democrats for that!

Everywhere you look, Lady Liberty’s on life support. Why aren’t those numbers closer to 0%? We had to beat the British Empire in a war to earn those freedoms! We had to fight a civil war to extend them to all Americans–and abolish slavery. How little do we value what ought to be most precious to us!

Most of the blame for this must fall on our overpriced, Left-infested, chock-full-o’-loons public “education” system. And on us, for not pulling our children out of public schools. Keep it up… and we won’t have “too much freedom” to worry about.

Oh–and since it’s impossible to hold an opinion that doesn’t offend someone, somewhere… how will the government decide whose feelings matter and whose don’t?

As if we didn’t know.

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