‘Has Berkeley Killed the First Amendment?’ (2017)

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Have they ever known what they were talking about?

When I was in college, “Berkeley” and “free speech” were synonymous. Boy, how that’s changed!

Has Berkeley Killed the First Amendment?

Democrats, liberals, radicals, commies–all the same thing, really–believe in free speech fore themselves–as long as it conforms 100% to The Party’s ideology–and shut the hell up or else for the rest of the human race.

If we can keep our civil liberties, it’ll be no thanks to them.

[Back from the eye doctor, sorry for the delay. He dilated my eyes so I can’t see what I’m typing. Please take that into account.]

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  1. Berkeley’s so-called Free Speech Movement was never about freedom of speech in general. It was only about their insistence on (a) their own speech being listened to, and (b) everyone else’s speech in opposition to theirs being stifled. And that was true from the very beginning.

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