Encore: ‘The Lord is My Shepherd’

Psalm 23 set to music, and sung by the choir of Wells Cathedral, England–it’s not worth trying to remain unmoved by this. We ought not ever to forget that we have a Shepherd who looks after us, and is with us even through the valley of the shadow of death: for He Himself passed through it once, and He will bring us through it, and out into the light on the other side.

Prayer Request: Phoebe & Iggy

Please join in prayer for our sister Phoebe, whose old cat, Iggy, has been sick for a few days.

O Lord Our God, you know there’s nothing that hurts us so much as to fear for our loved ones; and you know how we love our pets: that’s why you gave them to us (and us to them). Please, Father–be good to your servant, Phoebe, and deliver her cat out of sickness. We are your people, and the sheep of your hand, and we always need Our Shepherd. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

The Old Shell Game–for Cats & Dogs

All right, how do they do it? Cats and dogs–they’re wizards at the old shell game. If they were ever allowed to play it for money, you could take your pet to New York and make a fortune–until somebody came along and made you disappear.

But really–are our pets that much cleverer than us?

P.S.–We are having an inexplicable plague of flies this evening. And the cats just sit there and watch. This will definitely be considered the next time they ask for a raise.

Big Flying Beetles

Every summer around here, we get these big, clumsy beetles… that fly. They don’t look like they could, but they can–and how! You should see the acrobatics when a sparrow tries to catch one on the wing. But the thing that intrigues Mr. Nature is the strange attraction these beetles feel for the white aluminum siding on this building, and their compulsion to blunder into it. Now, if the beetle were the most sophisticated aircraft built by man, it still couldn’t afford to go banging repeatedly into a sheer cliff. But the beetle can. Bomp, bomp, bomp–and he never falls down.

God’s stuff–way cooler than our own.

‘Smart Toys’ Spy on Your Kids

Image result for images of evil doll

Anytime anyone tries to hornswoggle you with a product or a service or a public policy which he describes as “smart,” turn around and walk the other way. ‘Cause what’s “smart” for them is gonna be bad for you! You know–like “smart growth” is going to destroy your town.

The FBI has warned consumers about “spy toys” or “smart toys” packed full of sensors, cameras, microphones, and GPS locators which can record children’s conversations, track their movements, and show their locations (https://www.thesun.co.uk/tech/4043182/fbi-issues-urgent-warning-over-spy-toys-which-put-privacy-and-safety-of-children-at-risk/). Click the Sun article for the names of toy companies that are selling these.

We are not told exactly who is watching, listening to, and tracking these children. The Sun dares to use the world “perverts”–which I’m sure is hat speach and like so un-inclusive…

We are also not told what kind of schlumpf buys something like this for his kids. So what was so bad about a plain old teddy bear?

Boy, does Godlessness bear strange and bitter fruit! All this crazy s*** springs from our self-imposed estrangement from Our Lord Jesus Christ, the only one who can save us from it.

None of it is really smart at all.



Robbie’s Doing Better

robbie picture

I would’ve thought doubling the dose of her medicine would have made her even sicker–just goes to show you what I know.

Our poor little bag of bones is now eating heartily–I pray she’ll put some weight back on–and yesterday unloaded a fine big poo. Not to gross you out, but it had been some days since she’d pooed at all, and we were getting a bit concerned about it. She must’ve been happy: she ran all around the living room when she was done.

As of now, she’s not acting like a sick cat. I think God has heard our prayers for her: thank you, Father. Thank you.

M.I.T., EPA Experts: Climbit Change Is a Scam

Image result for images of fake climate change

In a peer-reviewed scientific paper, reviewed by experts from M.I.T. and the Environmental Protection Agency, we have “conclusive findings” that Man-Made Global Warming and Climate Change blah-blah is a deliberate campaign to deceive the nations of the world (http://www.nowtheendbegins.com/peer-reviewed-report-m-t-scientists-epa-researchers-conclude-man-made-climate-change-bunk/).

In fact, they lay it on the line: “It is quite clear that the [temperature] data have been intentionally tampered with.” So all that stuff you heard about the last three years being the warmest in history, that was just NASA and NOAA and other scam artists cooking the books.

Not that we needed scientists to tell us that Gore and Kerry and Obama and Clinton and all the rest of the Climbit Change Gang, partying all over the world on private jets, yachts, and limousines, living in colossal mansions, and behaving every day like persons who don’t believe a single word of what they’re selling… are totally unworthy of anyone’s belief. (Whopper of a sentence!) I mean, really–if you believe anything those people say, you really are a sap. Get help! C’mon, now–“Save The Planet by expanding our power beyond anything seen by man since Stalin died, and by forking over huge new taxes…!” What is anyone’s excuse for swallowing that line?

Again I thank God for sparing us President Hillary. Under her party’s platform, this scientific paper would constitute Climate Change Denial and might land its authors in prison.

Rabbit Legacy: Book II of Ellen Maze’s ‘Christian Vampire’ Series

Source: Rabbit Legacy: Book II of Ellen Maze’s ‘Christian Vampire’ Series

Ellen tells me Book III will be released soon…

Beautiful, ‘I Love to Tell the Story’

This is another Sunday school favorite: I Love to Tell the Story, written by Arabella Hankey in 1868 and sung gorgeously by the Harpeth Gospel Choir. Amazing, what trained human voices can do in praise of the Lord!

Cat Pursued by Cockatiel

What’s going on here? Everywhere the cat goes, the bird follows: can’t get away from it. What does the bird want? And why is the cat so eager to avoid it?

I once had a very large land crab to whom a small tortoise took a fancy. The tortoise chased the crab round and round a very large cage–in what must have been the world’s hottest slow-motion romance. Actually, it was quite obvious what the turtle had in mind. In fairness, the crab, in its big round shell, must have looked something like another turtle. But finally we had to separate them before the poor crab despaired of ever knowing peace again. It was a very good crab, and deserving of respect: never once pinched me.

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