Can You Even See This?

WordPress is really socking it to me today, and I have no way of knowing whether any of my posts can be read by anyone.

First the news links stopped working. Then the reblogging function. Jano, I reblogged your article, your page tells me it’s been reblogged, and I can’t find it anywhere here, where it ought to have shown up. And now WordPress has stopped tracking new views.

I wanted to finish writing The Temptation today so my editor can tell me whether it turned out all right. I wanted to check in with Joe Collidge.

So far, no go.

And meanwhile they’ve carted Aunt Joan off to the hospital with a fever, so please pray that that turns out all right. Amen.

Atheist Wing-Ding Cancelled

Image result for images of miller company space aliens

A Global Atheist Conference scheduled for next February in Melbourne, Australia, has been cancelled due to “lack of interest” (

Ain’t that a shame? And here they went and got two big-name guest speakers for it, too: Salman Rushdie, a former Muslim, and Richard Dawkins, who believes in space aliens.

The problem is, atheism is boring. It only acquires interest when they’re baiting Christians. Among themselves, they don’t have much to talk about. I mean, how many times can you say, “Boy are we smart!”

Did I mention Dawkins believes in space aliens? That’s how life on earth got started. Space aliens started it. How the space aliens’ life got started, he doesn’t say. This sort of thing might have been hard to parley into a whole conference.

(Thanks to Linda for the news tip)

Global Warming Wiz Pleads Guilty to Fraud (2013)

Please do not make the mistake of thinking this was the last time a Climbit Change superstar was caught lying and cheating.

Global Warming Wiz Pleads Guilty to Fraud

Most of the comments on this piece are in rhyme. Feel free to join in!

‘Fairest Lord Jesus’ (Children’s Choir)

This is the children’s choir at Truro Cathedral, in Cornwall; and this is hope. Our hope is in the Lord. Fairest Lord Jesus is an ancient hymn, but, as you can see, still full of life.

If you’re new to this blog, we like to start every day with a hymn or worship song, and we take requests. So if you have a favorite hymn you’d like to see posted here, just let me know.

7 Minutes of Funny Bunnies

You may have noticed I tag these animal videos “Sanity Medicine.” Why? Well, driving home from the Keyport Fishery (best seafood in New Jersey) today, I almost went off the road when I heard Hillary Clinton, on the radio, deplore “the politicization of the Justice Dept.” Can you be that utterly without self-awareness and not be as mad as a hatter?

Anyhow, bunnies, cats, dogs, hamsters, turtles–they’re all good for leading us back to sanity.

Australia’s Down

See the source image

Australia’s “postal plebescite” has cleared the path for same-sex pseudomarriage in that country, the Bureau of Statistics announced yesterday (, with a “yes” vote of 61.6%. I wonder if anyone would have noticed if the vote had been 66.6%.

Once Parliament seals the deal, the next thing that will happen will be “gays” hunting down small business owners who don’t want to participate in “gay weddings” because of their religious beliefs. The government will destroy these businesses. And wait’ll Australians see what happens to their free speech rights. Well, we warned you.

I don’t understand why persons who are not homosexuals so enthusiastically support “gay marriage.” I suspect their reasons are profoundly foolish and shallow.

There’s nothing more to say–except, perhaps, Mene, Mene, Tekel, Upharsin.

ET, Here We Come!

See the source image

In 20 years or less, scientists will probably discover life on another planet, according to NASA bigwigs ( Hey, a couple of Jupiter’s moons have water under their ice. There might be mermaids.

Dig this quote. “We’re using the same climate models that we use to project 21st century climate change on Earth to do simulations of specific exoplanets that have been discovered, and hypothetical planets [emphasis added].”

I guess you can always make Climbit Change models work on hypothetical planets created by you and your computer. You will probably find hypothetical life on your hypothetical planets. Too bad you can’t fund it with hypothetical tax dollars.

Humanist religion demands a universe full of inhabited planets where life arose spontaneously through random events and then evolved into Al Franken. “See? See! This proves there is no God! This proves he didn’t create nothin’!” That’s what they’re looking to shout from the housetops.

There is no reason why God should not have created life on other planets. I suspect He probably has. But so far, we have found no evidence of it. And what may or may not have happened on some planet a dozen light-years from ours, even if it could be known, is probably irrelevant.

Or at least hypothetically irrelevant.


My Newswithviews Column, Nov. 16 (‘The Transgender Stampede’)

Well, WordPress is messing with my head again this morning. I will soldier on as best I can. Yesterday they pulled that light-blue-letters-on-grey-background caper on me again, rendering my posts all but invisible. They’re having a very entertaining time at my expense. Meanwhile, here’s this week’s Newswithviews outing:

The Transgender Stampede

‘Now I’ve Heard Everything’ (2016)

Lest we forget why Donald Trump is now our president and why that’s such a good thing…

Now I’ve Heard Everything

‘For the Beauty of the Earth’

With the ugliness of our current political season approaching a point beyond belief, now turn we unto God’s stuff: For the Beauty of the Earth, sung by Heather Prusse, packed with photos of God’s created beauty–preserved by Him, despite the fallen status of this world. The beauty is there for a reason: to testify that God is nigh.

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