Pope: Fundamentalists ‘a Scourge’

Pope Francis

Smile when you call millions of Christians “a scourge.”

What with all the hoopla over the fake “impeachment” last month, I never spotted this, er, development until just yesterday.

In a Nov. 18 speech, the Red Pope called “fundamentalists”–his definition of the word is not the same as ours–“a scourge” (https://www.breitbart.com/faith/2019/11/19/pope-francis-warns-fundamentalism-is-a-plague/).

“Beware of fundamentalists,” he said. “Everyone has his own. In Argentina there is a little fundamentalist corner. Fundamentalism is a scourge, and all religions have some kind of fundamentalist first cousin…”

A few points to ponder:

If “fundamentalists” have any influence on events in Argentina, it’s virtually undetectable. Downright microscopic.

He separates “fundamentalists” from “religions,” which makes us wonder what he means by “religion.”

Mr. Inclusive excludes millions of Christians from “religion.”

He seems to think all “fundamentalists” are violent. Sort of an obstacle to setting up a nice cozy world government and world religion, with everybody saying and doing and thinking exactly the same thing at the same time. He would call it “diversity.”

For the record, a Christian fundamentalist is one who takes the Bible seriously and believes what it says. That would include “Love thy neighbor as thyself,” wouldn’t it? Somehow the pope objects to that?

What portions of the Bible does he think are wrong, weird, or toxic? ‘Cause if he accepts and believes in the whole Bible…well, then he’d be a fundamentalist.

By Request, ‘Away in a Manger’

The only way the devil wins is if he can stop Jesus Christ from being born–and that he couldn’t do.

Requested by Phoebe, Away in a Manger, sung by the choir at Kings College, Cambridge. (Note to Phoebe: This is what I call the British melody that goes with this hymn, The American melody is the other one we often hear.)

Do They Even Know What a President Is?

So Kamala Harris, whose qualifications for the job are, well, nothing, has suspended her quest for the Democrat presidential nomination. Never mind that she was polling a red-hot 2 percent. Never mind that she’d already spent about 130 percent of her campaign budget.

Heck, no. The real reason she’s had to drop out was… [trumpet fanfare, drum roll, etc.]… Racism and Sexism! An “activist” says so, so it must be true (https://pjmedia.com/trending/leader-of-anti-trump-resistance-on-kamala-harris-dropping-out-racism-and-sexism/).

Yep. According to Leah Greenberg, a self-proclaimed poobah of #theResistance–translation: a non-entity–it would be “catastrophic” for the Party to have an “all-white male” debate, never mind that Corey “Spartacus” Booker and that doofus Castro will still be there: but never mind. “The implicit racism and sexism of ‘electability’ is deeply damaging to democracy,” she babbles.

I don’t know. Wouldn’t it be infinitely more damaging to just about everything, if Kamala actually became our president?

But for a leftid worm-brain, the only thing that matters is the externals. Character counts for nothing. Ability counts for nothing. Fitness for the office counts for nothing. You want to give somebody the authority to sign or veto legislation, to launch missiles, to negotiate with foreign leaders, to be the leader in shaping public policy–you do? Okay! Just remember that the main considerations are that person’s sex (nyah, nyah, I won’t say “gender”!) and skin pigmentation. She can be a psychotic evil numbskull, but as long as she’s a Woman Of Color, that’s all us activists are interested in.

I can’t imagine what a liberal thinks the president is. Or ought to be. But surely the very last items on the list should be sex and color. Those characteristics are entirely irrelevant.

“I don’t care who does my heart surgery–it just has to be a Woman Of Color! it doesn’t matter that she doesn’t know how! The only thing that matters is Justice! Social Justice!”

Whenever a lib speaks the word “justice,” you know he’s just snuck the dried pea out from under the walnut shell. Now there’s nothing under any of the shells. That’s leftism. In a nutshell, as it were.

By Request, ‘The First Noel’

Our friend SlimJim has requested it here, and my friend Jessicafischerqueen has posted it on my chess page, so what can I say but here it is? The First Noel, sung by Bing Crosby. You’ll look long and hard to find an equal to his voice.

‘The “Town Hall Debate”: a Prediction’ (2012)

Image result for images of obama-romney debate

Abbot and Costello were not available.

Later this morning, when I get back from the doctor’s (just a checkup, don’t worry), I want to write about the total lack of seriousnessness with which we go about choosing a president.


I used to cover “town hall meetings,” hundreds of ’em. They are about the best argument against democracy that anyone has ever thought of. These are dog and pony shows, with just about everything set up in advance. That’s why New Jersey resorted to an Open Public Meetings Act, years ago; but all that did was move the choreography from the caucus room to the phone lines.

There are times when I can easily suspect Romney of having lost on purpose. But then he demonstrates what a doofus he still is today, and I realize nobody had to pay him to be a lousy candidate. He just had a natural gift for it.

By Request, ‘Magnificat’

Requested by TheWhiteRabbit, we have Keith and Kristyn Getty and the Magnificat (Luke 1:46-55) set to music. What could be better for Advent?

Sort of Like a Giant Guinea Pig

Betcha never saw one of these kept as a pet before. The capybara, whose closest relative is the guinea pig, is the world’s largest living rodent. It can grow to four feet long and weight anywhere from 60 to 170 pounds, depending on its sex.

In the Amazon rain forest, the capybara is usually dinner, although some of the native people sometimes keep them as pets. As long as you don’t eat your pet, I guess it’s all right.

Rodents are smart and adaptable, so, if you’ve got the room for it, there’s no reason a capybara wouldn’t make a suitable pet. Just don’t expect to be able to walk into Pet Smart and buy one.

Climate Change Crazies: They’re Gonna Force Us to Obey?

See the source image

“So we invade America, see, and conquer it, and then we take all their stuff…”

As the U.N. gets ready for another Climate Change OMGwe’reallgonnadie conference, a Danish academic warns the world that if the nations don’t knuckle under soon and hop aboard the Climate Change bandwagon, the U.N. might decide to compel compliance by the use of military force (https://www.breitbart.com/environment/2019/12/03/danish-academic-u-n-might-use-military-to-enforce-climate-agenda/).

“The U.N. Security Council could, in principle, tomorrow decide that climate change is a threat to international peace and security,” he said–and “it can justify problematic means” of enforcing obedience.

At the same time, the international gang of thieves is mulling “taxes on developed countries… to transfer wealth” to tin-pot dictatorships who strangle their own countries’ economic progress.

Gee, the United States has a seat on the Security Council, with veto power. Think we’ll vote for World War III just to please the climate crazies? Think we’ll vote to transfer America’s wealth to Tyrannistan?

And this guy is a professor of international relations? From what correspondence school did he get his degree?

Do you ever get a little unnerved when you see the world being run by lunatics, liars, hypocrites, and dolts? Like, isn’t Original Sin bad enough, that they have to season it with stupidity?

Just for the record: There is no man-made climate change that can be controlled by rich and powerful idiots. The earth is a living planet, and as a result of vast and as yet poorly understood natural forces–the sun’s energy output, continental drift, etc.–earth’s many climates (there isn’t just one!) are constantly changing. And what climate change honcho actually lives like he believes a single word of the hogwash he’s trying to sell us? Private jets, colossal mansions, limousines, overpriced drinks at Davos–those amenities are just for them. The rest of us will have to live like 11th century Scottish peasants.

They want to be our gods.

Sorry, chuckles, we already have a God. And He doesn’t like competition.

By Request, ‘What Child Is This’

Before I write up any more inane and unedifying nooze, let’s have this, requested by Joshua–What Child Is This, sung by Andrea Bocelli with Mary J. Blige.

Keep those carols coming, everybody! It’s our answer to the fallen world.

Keep Your Eye on China

See the source image

One early morning in 1991, my wife shook me awake. “There’s no more Soviet Union!” she said. That woke me up, all right.

Is the same thing about to happen to Red China? The Hong Kong protests have now spread to the mainland (https://www.breitbart.com/asia/2019/12/02/protesters-within-china-defy-communists-just-like-you-hong-kong/).

The Chinese communist government has tried to suppress all news of the protests, but some reports have been getting through the “Great Firewall of China”–the censorship regime created with the help of Big Tech from our country and others.

You would think the government would simply unleash the army and crush the protests. But they haven’t. There must be a reason why they haven’t. I suspect–no evidence, just a hunch–it’s because the government doesn’t quite trust the armed forces to do its bidding.

The Soviet Union started wobbling badly in 1989, when one after another of its Eastern European satellite nations successfully broke away, the Russian economy choked, and the military went broke trying to keep up with America in a high-tech arms race. Despite all this run-up, it was still a shock when it finally collapsed for good in 1991.

China has been wobbling, too, for several years. The government has continually persecuted and suppressed Chinese Christians, Muslim Uighurs, and Tibetan Buddhists. They’ve built super-malls for show, that have yet to have tenants, let alone customers. Air pollution has gotten out of hand. And now these Hong Kong protests are spreading to the mainland.

Y’know, they could have just left Hong Kong alone. The status quo benefited China, Hong Kong, and their trading partners. But of course the communists couldn’t just leave it alone. This potentially very dangerous crisis is their fault.

Pray Our Lord that this evil empire expires with a minimum of violence, and that He might grant the blessings of liberty to all the peoples of China: in Jesus’ name, Amen.


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