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The Lord is One

From Marcia Settles’ blog, “A Mom Looking Up”

Language is a gift of God. Use it wisely.

A Mom Looking Up

While praying on Monday night I was reflecting on this verse and mulling over how 3 distinct persons can be One God. When trying to explain it to my son, I always used the egg analogy, but that is an imperfect analogy.

To make a long story short, this is how the Lord explained it to me:

We know Jesus is the Word who became flesh and that in Him and through Him were all things created. ( John 1:14; Colossians 1:16-17)

In the beginning, God spoke.

Father spoke, Jesus is that Word, and Holy Spirit is the breath which carried the Word.

Man often speaks out of turn and inappropriately. We say things we don’t mean, things we shouldn’t, things which are not true and things we later retract.

God is not like that. When He speaks, it is deliberate and always True.

The entirety of Your word is…

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Even Still….

From our friend Marcia Settles, at “A Mom Looking Up.” We are not alone.   –LD

A Mom Looking Up

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Keep the Lamps Full

From Marcia Settles’ blog, A Mom Looking Up: Ephesians 6: 10-18, “the full armor of God”

A Mom Looking Up

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So many of us are growing weary and are just plain TIRED. As JD Farag said recently, those of us who speak the Truth can expect to be blasted with persecution in some form or another. Even I, little me who has such a small influence, am not overlooked by the enemy. Any time I post something which exposes the dark forces at work, trouble in my personal life follows. It is no coincidence, and the enemy knows how to push my buttons-often using  my own family to put me through the wringer.

Most of us are just tired of living in this evil world. The spirit of the world is in constant battle with the Spirit within us and we will be glad when it is all over.

Still, we MUST keep our lamps trimmed. We must continue to shine the Light of Christ. We must occupy and serve…

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From Marcia Settles’ blog, A Mom Looking Up–a brief sanity break    –LD

It goes nicely with the snow we’re having here today.

A Mom Looking Up

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A Dreadful Little Satire

Christian blogger Marcia Settles said she was thinking of me when she posted this video on her blog, “A Mom Looking Up” ( https://amomlookingup.wordpress.com/ ). I hope you’ll all drop in on her and say thank you. Marcia has a solid Christian blog which we should support.\

This film by Neel Kolhatkar is a satire, but it’s close enough to the real thing to be rather unnerving. I mean, what they’re calling “higher education” these days is getting crazier and crazier. How many weeks do we have before this short film isn’t satire anymore?

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