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Bird vs. Cat-Nap

This strikes me as very strange. The cat is trying to take a nap; the bird is trying to get him up. Parrots or parakeets might do this–but a dove? Why is this dove so totally unafraid of this cat? Why doesn’t the cat harm the bird? Honk if you can explain what’s going on here.

Birds with Attitude

I’m sure some of you are wondering about that long-legged bird that was stomping the rubber snake. Well, that’s a secretary bird; and in the wild, that’s what they do. Stomp snakes. And then eat them. Somehow they don’t get bitten. Their natural habitat is the grasslands of Africa.

I enjoyed the dancing cockatoo who couldn’t get his partner to dance with him.

The Dog & Parakeet Show

There are humans stationed nearby to prevent mayhem. But really, how hard would it be for the dog to chomp down on the parakeet before anyone could prevent it? And why does the parakeet appear to be completely unconcerned for anything like that to happen?

Have hours of fun trying to get inside animals’ heads and understand their interactions. So much more complicated than you’d think!

Boisterous Birds

Parrots are very, very intelligent and very sociable, too. But how do the birds in these videos know the cats won’t hurt them–even when they purposely try to tease the cats? And then there’s the cockatoo teaching himself to play the guitar. If this can ever be done without hands, a bird will do it.

Cats and Feathered Friends

That last video was very short, so here’s another one. Stay with it, and you’ll see something surprising–a cockatiel protecting a cat who’s having a nap.

The birds in these videos show absolutely no fear of the cats, so they must know, maybe from experience, that the cats won’t hurt them. They could, but they don’t. I call that intelligent animals successfully adapting to life in an environment designed by and for humans.

Trust me, they’re a lot smarter than we give them credit for.

Cavalcade of Critters

A bird on the head is worth two in the bush.

Never let a cockatoo re-arrange your sock drawer.

If a cat really wants to get out of the house, he will.

These insights, and more, are included in this video.

A Kuddly Kiwi

This is a baby kiwi in a zoo somewhere. He still needs some help feeding himself, but he’ll learn.

Kiwis, native only to New Zealand, are birds with certain characteristics found in mammals, not birds. Marrow in their bones, for instance: other birds’ bones are hollow. And the feathers are very much more like hair than feathers.

See the source image

Remember Kiwi shoe polish? Back when everybody had to shine his shoes–none of this wearing sneakers to school (or church!). I wonder why they named a shoe polish for the kiwi. This was the brand we always used at our house, when I was growing up.

Animals in Overdrive

Everything’s in this video! A parrot who does card tricks. Ricocheting cats. An emu who trips over the sidewalk. And a pair of parrots who sing a duet. Well, all right, it comes up short on the axolotl front–but then so does Ye Olde Shoppe of Curious Curios in Scurveyshire.

Little Birds with Big Personalities

I’ve always had a soft spot for parakeets. Maybe it’s the way they keep falling into glasses of water. Or trying to hitch rides on tennis balls. They give the impression of being willing to try just about anything once. And they play. I like that in an animal.

This Dog’s a Chick Magnet

Actually, the dachshund in this video seems to be a magnet for all kinds of baby birds, especially ducklings–and rabbits, too.

My dog Rags used to eat birds. He’d leave some food in his dish and pretend to go to sleep, and then ambush the birds when they came down for a nibble. But apparently that sort of mind-set isn’t universal among dogs. I would have rather Rags had left the birds alone.

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