‘Bringing in the Sheaves’

This sounds just like Sunday school–piano, congregation, and Bringing in the Sheaves, back when everybody knew what sheaves were. I like this Burl Ives version best.

‘Bringing in the Sheaves’

Let’s see if a hymn by Tennessee Ernie Ford can liven things up around here–Bringing in the Sheaves, an old Sunday school favorite. How many people even know what sheaves are, anymore?

We’re open for hymn requests, by the way, should anyone care to venture one.

Welcome to Our Youtube Channel

I didn’t even knew we had a Youtube channel, until Lydia subscribed to it the other day. Now we have a subscriber, too. Apparently they create a channel for you if you post a video.

I wrote this little ditty in 2013, before there was a “transgender” movement, before we were scourged with Drag Queen Story Hour, and Andrea Schwartz created the music video.

Boy, if the church was throwing in the towel back then, what’s it doing now?

Well, never mind! Today’s a new day. We don’t have to bow down to this squirming mass of abominations. Speak the truth, sing the hymns, say the prayers, and never give in.

Never give in.

‘Bringing in the Sheaves’

(Zero comments again this morning! I hope Tennessee Ernie can scare some up.)

Another Sunday school favorite–Bringing in the Sheaves, sung by Tennessee Ernie Ford. He was on TV a lot when I was growing up. We could use more like him today.

‘Bringing in the Sheaves’

There’s much to be said for a strong piano and a lot of people singing! This is the congregation at Southwest Baptist Church, Oklahoma City–and Bringing in the Sheaves. One of my favorite hymns to sing.

By Request, ‘Bringing in the Sheaves’

I love this hymn, and I’m so glad Erlene requested it–Bringing in the Sheaves, sung by the unforgettable Tennessee Ernie Ford. Patty heard me playing it and did a little dance: first time she’d done that in a while.

Her ear has begun to fill with fluid again,  but the doctor said not to worry about that: now that he’s made the hole, it’ll drain out. Eventually it will all drain out. Meanwhile, she’s happy she can talk on the phone while holding it to her left ear–couldn’t do that while the ear wasn’t working.

I went to the supermarket after that, it’s only 84 degrees today but it feels hotter than that, and then had a cigar and wrote another chapter of The Wind From Heaven. For some reason I now feel exceedingly tired.

Thank you all for your prayers, and please keep them coming. We need ’em.

‘Bringing in the Sheaves’

What a wonderful rendition of this hymn, Bringing in the Sheaves, by Burl Ives!If you missed him in the 1950s and 60s, he was a noted folk singer and award-winning actor. And this is one of my favorite hymns, all the way back to Sunday school.

‘Bringing in the Sheaves’

I’ll get to the requested hymn in a minute; but meanwhile, for whatever reason, I just had to hear Bringing in the Sheaves. This is Nathan from Denton County, Texas, on the auto harp. And if you’ve got a guitar handy, here are chords so you can play along.

I can only say this hymn never fails to move me.

‘Bringing in the Sheaves’ (Burl Ives)

Another hymn I’ve always loved, since I heard it first in Sunday school–Bringing in the Sheaves. Sung here by Burl ives, one of the great voices of the 1950s and 60s–and follow the lyrics. Sowing with tears, but reaping with joy: so God’s word has promised us.

By Request, ‘Bringing in the Sheaves’

Erlene asked for this bluegrass version of Bringing in the Sheaves, by the Shiloh Group, so here it is–and I’ll bet you find yourselves singing, humming, or whistling it later.