By Request, ‘Save This Heart of Stone’

Grocery list’s not ready yet, so let’s do this–

Phoebe wants to share this hymn, Save This Heart of Stone, by Buddy Davis. God knows our hearts are hard, and that we need saving. We count on Him to do it.

By Request, ‘May All Creation Praise Thee’

Buddy Davis’ Woodpecker Song was a big hit here yesterday, and Elder Mike has asked me to follow it up with this–May All Creation Praise Thee. Before we go on to anything else, let’s hear this.

I’d never heard of Buddy Davis till yesterday. Now I don’t think I’ll forget him.

By Request, ‘The Woodpecker Song’

Elder Mike asked for this, The Woodpecker Song by Buddy Davis–all new to me, but really kind of cool. It’s a celebration of God’s creative power–and how creative it is! You’ve never seen so many different woodpeckers, have you?