Are We Listening to… Henry Kissinger?

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I have no idea why, but my computer has absolutely refused to let me post a picture of Henry Kissinger. Artificial Intelligence at work! Oh, well, a snake’ll do…

It seemed like such a good idea at the time! Counter the ominous power of the Soviet Union by making friends with China–Red China, with Chairman Mao in charge. This was the almost shocking new policy cooked up by Secretary of State Henry Kissinger and put into play by President Richard Nixon’s visit to China… in 1972. Many of you reading this hadn’t been born yet, so you can’t really imagine the jolt this gave the rest of us.

Now China is kicking sand in Uncle Sam’s face and most of the communists who fight against us are members of the Democrat Party here at home. And Kissinger is still around! Almost 100 years old, and still talking.

In 2019 he predicted “Artificial Intelligence will fundamentally alter human consciousness,” although he didn’t specify how that might be done. He seemed worried it’d be something like The Terminator movies. You know: we lose control, and the machines start a nuclear war, and most of us die.

In 2020 he and his buddies at the Council on Foreign Relations discussed the new “global international system” and how it would be affected by the COVID-19 pandemic: “The pandemic is imposing on us a universal world order,” he said. Which was to say, his fondest dream was coming true. Always a big world order fan. I’ll have more to say about that in a little while.

So Henry the K is still around–still brewing mischief, some might say (they haven’t forgiven him for Nixon’s piece of the Vietnam War).

We really must put more effort into defeating his ideas.

The only world government we recognize, the only one we will support, is the Kingdom of Our Lord Jesus Christ

‘Libs Hate Their Own Countries’ (2017)

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“So how are we goin’ to hurt America today, John? You’re the expert! I’m still learning.”

Well, Barack, how about we arm Iran with nuclear weapons…?”

There are three things that make liberals tick. One, the lust for power over other people’s lives. Two, the passionate desire to be convinced that they are the wisest and best people on the planet.

And three, they hate their own countries.

Libs Hate Their Own Countries

This is why they sponsor and pursue nation-killing policies–like building up Red China at the expense of the American people. Because American liberals hate America; and in their minds, it’s highly virtuous to work to bring America down. Gee, that would apply to the Democrats’ beloved Iran arms deal, too–wouldn’t it? Arm your enemies! John Kerry loves it.