‘The University as a Fount of Idiocy’ (2012)

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Looking back, it seems incredible that our colleges and looniversities were already so awful, seven years ago. Butler U., in Indiana, was only one in hundreds of citadels of brainlessness.

The University as a Fount of Idiocy

Back then, America’s aggregate student debt had already galloped past a trillion dollars. Gotta be half again as much by now.

Are we getting our trillion dollars’ worth? Or are we just paying these “schools” to crank out moronic malcontents who’ve been taught to hate our country?

‘The University as a Fount of Idiocy’ (2012)

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When you really think about the human potential, the money, and the time wasted in our colleges and looniversities, you could just sit down and cry.

The University as a Fount of Idiocy

Let’s tell it like it is–the idea that everyone has got to go to college is the single worst idea ever to stupefy and cripple Western civilization. Really, our own hope is to defund the colleges now and pray that the people who’ve already been there someday grow out of it. Alas, we already know that some will never grow out of it.

Seven years ago I wrote this–and the situation’s gotten worse every day since then.

College Course: ‘Strategies of Resistance’

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Butler U. is offering three credits to students who take a course on “resisting Trumpism” (http://www.campusreform.org/?ID=9144)–you know: that thing 62 million of us voted for.

For $36,000 a year (tuition only, not counting everything else), students will be regaled by their professor with tales of “Trumpism and U.S. Democracy,” consisting of “sexism, white supremacy, xenophobia, nationalism, nativism, and imperialism.” Says the syllabus, “On Nov. 8, we lost more than just the presidency. We lost yet more ground in the decades-long campaign against progressive values.”

What values? Big government, abortion, sexual anarchy, stirring up racial animosities–oh, those values.

Can you imagine the uproar if a college, just a few years ago, had offered a course on “Resisting Obamaism”? “Racist, racist, racist! Biggit! Hater!” Loretta Lunch would’ve launched a prosecution.

But this is what they call “higher education.”

America has way too many colleges and universities, way too many college students, way too many far-left loons indoctrinating them, and way, way, way too much money being squandered on what can only be called a grotesque parody of education.

Parents who love and respect their sons and daughters, and wish them to be sane and productive citizens, don’t send them to those colleges.

Until “higher education” is cut down to size, nothing much good will happen to America.