Cardinal Burke Slams Globalists’ ‘Evil Agenda’

Cardinal Raymond Burke is no fan of “the new normal” and “the Great Re-Set.” Listen to this 17-minute homily he delivered a few days ago at the shrine of Our Lady of Gaudalupe in LaCrosse,. Wisconsin. This is a warrior for the universal Church, which embraces all Christians: hear him.

The Cardinal denounces the use of the Wuhan Virus to advance an “evil agenda… an ideology totally opposed to the Christian foundation… We are now the subjects of a ‘Great Re-Set” based on “manipulation by ignorance and fear.”

He translates it into Spanish, having delivered his message in English.

I happened to notice only one person in the pews wearing a face mask. Go ahead, fascists, I dare ya–go in there and try to silence Cardinal Burke. This is the guy who wouldn’t let abortion-loving politicians take communion in the churches under his jurisdiction: wouldn’t let them through the door.

We need more like him, and we need them now.