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‘Mary Magdalene on Easter Morning’ (2015)

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I post this every Easter.


It’s the first thing in the morning. Your heart is broken. He saw Him tortured and killed.

Now you’re at the tomb.

And He is not there. The stone’s rolled away, the guards are knocked out, and Jesus isn’t there…

Imagine it.


Be Still and Know that I Am God

We know Allison around here as “Weavingword,” and this lovely essay is one of the best Easter pieces I’ve ever read–and possibly the most unusual.    –LD

‘Mary Magdalene, on Easter Morning’ (2015)

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Can you imagine it? Hard enough to imagine knowing Jesus Christ as He walked in the flesh, hearing His voice, seeing what He did. Surely this was the Messiah–wasn’t He? Who else could do such things?

And then they killed Him. And you saw that, too.


Try to imagine Mary Magdalene on Easter morning, the first of all to see the risen Christ. Of course she didn’t recognize Him at first: He was dead. But when He spoke her name, she knew Him.

Can you put yourself in her place?

Maybe not–but well worth trying.

Jesus Raises Lazarus

It’s an Easter tradition here to post this scene, from The Greatest Story Ever Told, of Our Lord Jesus Christ raising Lazarus from the dead.

For which the Temple authorities sought to kill Him.

He did this for all of us, so that we would believe that God had sent Him.

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