Nhow Thay Has ‘To” Stay In The Bubbel!!!!

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Nhow we has lernt that Ko-Vid it “is” cawsed by Racism and Trans-Fobier and Incum In Equallaty and evvry “one” thay shood ware A Plasstick Bag oaver thare Heds “at awll” tymes!!!!!! Becose it whil preevent Bad Thawts “fromb” geting Out!!!!!!

Bad Thawts yiu sea thay Cannnot get “thrugh” Plasstick Bags!!!! This it “is” Very Impotent Scyance!!!!!!! We cawl themb Plasstick Bags The Bubbel!!

So we hadded a meating “of” the Stoodint Soviet and we “voated” that fromb Nhow On evvry boddy excep us gots to ware a Plasstick Bag at awl the Tymb oar “elsse” get Throwed “out “of” Collidge and Not Bee Aloud to by grossries anny moar!!!!!

And then sumb Biggit Hater he sayed “”Butt watt abuot haow we goingto Breeethe”?” Well haow stopid kin yiu Get???? Awl yiu got To “Do” is Lipht Up “the” Bag for One Mycro-Seckind ownly and gullp a mouft-full “of” Ayre,, jist lyke yiu “Do” wen yiu are Swimbing!!!!!!! Like Reely, haow mutch Ayre dose anny boddy kneed???? So wee taiked himb out to the Fowntin and drownded himb!!!!!!!!!! (we wood bea in Trubble for that if whe wasnt awl Anty-Racist!!!!!)

Well, ha ha!! Nhow we got evvrey boddy “butt” us waring themb Plasstick Bags and wood yiu beleave it??? NO MOAR HAT SPEACH!!!! Thay are so bizzy trying “to” breethe,, thay Cant “say” anny hat speach!!!!!

Sune evvry Collidge “thay” wil bee Doing this!!!!!!!!!!!

Australia to Seize and Vaccinate 24,000 Children

A long line of people on the street. All are wearing winter clothes and face masks.

Everybody into the stadium! And don’t expect popcorn.

I don’t want to report this, but I think I have to.

The Australian government has announced a plan to seize 24,000 children and “vaccinate” them with an experimental COVID medicine. This is to be done at a stadium in Melbourne, where a “quarantine camp” has been set up. Incredibly, parents will not be permitted to attend and will be subject to an “on-the-spot” $5,000 fine for non-compliance (https://nationalfile.com/australian-government-to-seize-24000-children-vaccinate-them-without-parents-present-in-massive-stadium/).

In 2018 Australia enacted harsh compulsory vaccination laws–so, as shocking as it is, this is nothing new.

There is a report, which I have not been able to confirm, that three children “collapsed” immediately upon receiving the shot.

Freedom’s just another word for something they don’t seem to have in Australia anymore.

Has this world gone completely barking mad? Is this how we want to live from now on–herded like livestock by the government every time a germ pops up?

We don’t know what effect the experimental vaccines will have on people years ahead of now. It’s all new, there hasn’t been time to find out. “Oops! Ten years later, you’re sterile. Who knew?”

Do we expect a Biden regime to defend our civil liberties?