The Truth Matters

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(They’re all dead and gone by now–the perfect opportunity for liberals to attack them.)

This is all I’m going to write about this fallen world’s news today; my soul can’t take anymore. Instead, I will blog animal videos and prayer requests (if I get any) today.

I’m not prepared to say whose lives “matter” and whose lives don’t. I don’t what Loretta Lunch–er, Lynch–trying to jail me for microaggression.

Suffice it to say that the Obama regime has poisoned race relations in this country, on purpose, creating a climate of rage and injustice-collecting among people who ought to have good will toward one another. And you can bet your bottom dollar that we’ll see more of it, a lot more, at the Democrat National Convention.

This race-hustling, this whipping-up of anger and resentment, has gone so far as to make war on the past, a war against the dead. A war against history.

One thing I am prepared to say is that the truth matters. Let history here defend the dead, in the words of Robert Selph Henry in his The Story of the Confederacy, first published in 1931, when there were a few Confederate veterans still living:

“The Confederacy was a belated attempt to exercise the right of a state to withdraw from the United States of America.

“Because it was belated, because it opposed a mere right in the abstract to the concrete forms of economics and the inevitable trend of history, because it was burdened with the defense of the anachronism of slavery, it failed…

“With its failure, the United States of America that we know was born… The old union of states federated together for specific and limited purposes died, to be succeeded by a new nation in which the states, North and South alike, have contentedly sunk from the sovereignty they so jealously maintained in 1787 to become little more than convenient administrative subdivisions of government.”

This is truth: and demonizing the dead, to serve the current political purposes of immoral and power-hungry individuals, can’t change it.

A Democrat Ditty

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Here’s a little song to be sung by Betty Boop on the floor of this year’s Democrat National Convention, to celebrate the criminalization of Climate Change Denial, to the tune of “Put Another Nickel In.”

If your reasons don’t avail, throw that other guy in jail

You can’t say ‘There ain’t no Climate Change’ (Boop-boop-ee-boop)

If you can’t be right, be wrong–Doesn’t matter if you’re strong

You can’t say there ain’t no Climate Change (Boop-boop-ee-doop)

If your logic comes up short, Don’t debate–just go to court!

You can’t say ‘There ain’t no Climate Change’ (Boop-boop-ee-doop)

You can say there is no God, you can say that beef is scrod,

But you can’t say ‘There ain’t no Climate Change’ (Boop-boopee-doop)

Marriage, family, you and me, Nothing’s what it seems to be–

But you can’t say ‘There ain’t no Climate Change’ (boopity-boop!)

(Allow ten minutes for hysterical applause)