By Request, ‘Draw Me Nearer’

How about an old Sunday school favorite? Requested by Erlene, Draw Me Nearer–one of some eight or nine thousand hymns written by Fanny Crosby, sung by the Celebration Choir. You might want to turn up the volume on this one.

‘When the Trumpet of the Lord Shall Sound’

This hymn is also known as When the Roll is Called Up Yonder (“I’ll be there”).  Gonna be a lot of smart people needin’ a lot of fast talkin’ then… Sung by the Celebration Choir.

‘Stand Up for Jesus’

Provided by my chess-page colleague, “Ohio Chess Fan”–Stand Up for Jesus, a brisk and forthright hymn from the 1850s, sung by the Celebration Choir. This is the kind of hymn that squishy liberals can’t stand–the kind of hymn the Church needs!