The Loving Left–Again

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(Straight out of one of my old horror novels…)

Conservatives are haters: ask any noozie. Or any unionized public school “teacher.”

A high school English teacher in Milwaukee has been suspended for tweeting that he hopes conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh dies of cancer ( Limbaugh announced Monday that he has been diagnosed with advanced lung cancer.

At first they weren’t going to suspend him, but the public wasn’t having that, so they did.

And what did the “teacher” say? We quote:

“Limbaugh absolutely should have to suffer from cancer. It’s awesome that he’s dying, and hopefully it is as quick as it is painful.”

Feel the love?

Hey, folks, you’re the ones who allow these jidrools to “teach” your children, and pay them handsomely for it. You don’t get any say in who does the teaching, no say in what gets taught. All you do is pay. How did we ever get roped into such a sucker deal as that?

Limbaugh’s crime, for which leftids say he deserves to suffer and die, is Not Being A Liberal. ‘Cause everyone who isn’t them is a monster.

We pray for Rush as a champion of what is good and right and true. None of those adjectives can be applied to Far Left Crazy.

Here We Go Again with the ‘Nazis’…

An email came in this morning with a report of a high school in Nebraska where the unionized schoolteacher put up a poster that says “Republicans=Nazis” ( and insisted, “It’s the truth.”

When the poop hit the fan, the school backpedaled, settling on the excuse that the purpose of this poster was “to develop students’ ability to distinguish reliable viewpoints from unreliable viewpoints.” Uh-huh. And I am the Sultan of Swat.

Do these leftid numbskulls even know what a Nazi is, or was? Historically, a Nazi was a member of Adolf Hitler’s National Socialist–yeah, that’s “Socialist”–Workers’ Party. With Hitler dead these 73 years, the label is kind of pointless. So they use it to mean anyone who isn’t them.

Okay, I’m asking, again, for anyone who’d like to have a go at it to fill in the blank: “I send my children to left-wing, anti-Christian, America-hating public schools because _______.” The best answer gets a raspberry.