‘Your Tax $$ at Work: The Columbia U. School of Climate Change Hysteria’ (2015)

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Doomed, doomed, doomed I tell ya!

Sane people don’t believe in Man-Made Climate Change and certainly don’t care about it–not when Democrats have tanked the national economy. But “Saving The Planet” is the all-time best excuse ever imagined for any kind of villainy, and those who would devour our freedom aren’t about to give it up. In the meantime, they create comedies like this:

Your Tax $$ at Work: the Columbia U. School of Climate Change Hysteria

Yowsah! Spend almost $6 million for ninnies to create hysterical we’re-all-gonna-die-I-love-you-ma fake phone messages, reflective of those last few moments before
Climbit Chains does you in! Who says college makes you stupid? (I do, actually.)

It’ll be with us like a giant tapeworm until we can find some way to get rid of it.

No Fuel Shortage at Obama’s Pad!

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Shortages for you but not for him

Former President *Batteries Not Included has asked the local government for permission to install a 2,500-gallon propane gas tank at his luxury estate on Martha’s Vineyard (https://miamistandard.news/2022/06/14/obama-to-install-2500-gallon-commercial-grade-propane-tank-for-marthas-vineyard-estate/). The estimated cost to fill it will be a reported $75,000.

Hey, peasants! Fuel shortages are for you, not them! You never expected our beloved rulers to run short, did you?

A select board reportedly doesn’t know what to do about this unusual request. But I’m sure they’ll be told just what to do, in time.

Don’t you just love those double standards?