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‘Jesus Paid It All’

We had a terrific storm last night, but this morning is crisp and fresh with all the colors of spring–God’s hand in both the storm and in the morning.

This is the Altar of Praise Chorale, with Jesus Paid It All.

‘Jesus Paid It All’

Here’s another one from Kings Kaleidoscope, Jesus Paid It All.

As my father lay dying, he grieved for sins he’d committed in his life. My wife took his hand and told him, “They’re all paid for: Jesus paid the bill. Paid in full.” And he was comforted.

By Request, ‘Jesus Paid It All’

Requested by Erlene, Jesus Paid It All, by Kristian Stanfill–keep those Easter hymn requests coming, folks.

Love the photos–all this beauty, preserved by God even in a fallen world tainted by the sin of Adam. What will it be like when Jesus Christ returns and God renews and regenerates His whole creation?

By Request, ‘Jesus Paid It All’

No question has ever troubled more Christians than, “Am I good enough to get into Heaven?” Have I been good enough? Have I done enough good works? What if you had to do 500 good works, and you could only manage 498? And so on.

Listen to the message of both Testaments of the Bible, from Isaiah to Paul: the bill has been already paid–paid by Jesus Christ, the Messiah, the Lamb of God that taketh away the sin of the world.

Just listen.

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