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By Request, ‘Magnificat’

Requested by TheWhiteRabbit, we have Keith and Kristyn Getty and the Magnificat (Luke 1:46-55) set to music. What could be better for Advent?

And the Winner Is… ‘Magnificat’

“The White Rabbit” has won our first annual Christmas Carol Contest with Magnificat by Keith and Kristyn Getty. Posted in Dec. 19, this hymn got 27 views on that day.

Lyn, dear Linda Sorci’s daughter, wins a special prize for The Christmas Shoes (33 views, Nov. 27).

Meanwhile, Mr. Rabbit, you’re in line to receive an autographed copy of The Temptation when it comes out, which should be soon (no reason for it not to be–but what do I know?), so please email me your mailing address. I should still have it somewhere, from the last time you won a contest, but you should see this stack of paper here. Much easier if you just send it again.

If you’d prefer an earlier book in the series, that’s okay, too–just let me know.

Everybody, thanks for requesting so many hymns and making this contest a success.

And we are still taking requests for Christmas hymns, so please feel free!

By Request, ‘Magnificat’

“The White Rabbit” requested this hymn, and today’s his birthday–so may it bring you barrels of joy, Dave! Magnificat by Keith and Kristyn Getty–of course it’s in the Christmas Carol Contest: the “Magnificat” starts off the Gospel of Luke, we don’t get the actual birth of Christ until Chapter 2; and you can’t have a second chapter unless you’ve had a Chapter 1.

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