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And Here’s Our Winner!

G’day, boys ‘n’ girls, and stand up and cheer the winner of our Second Annual Christmas Carol Contest!

Our winner is…. Lydia! She posted this rendition of Joy to the World on Dec. 9, and that day it got 44 views. We still don’t know the name of the children’s choir that’s singing it, but whoever they are, it’s lovely.

Lydia, you have won an autographed copy of Bell Mountain No 12, His Mercy Endureth Forever. It hasn’t been published yet, but it will be soon.

All of us together raised a joyful noise unto the Lord, this Christmas season. And if there are still some Christmas hymns you’d like to hear, all you’ve gotta do is ask for them.

This is Byron the Quokka looking forward to the next contest… See the source image

(Sorry, didn’t mean for the picture to turn out anywhere near that big!)

What’s a Quokka to Do?

See the source image

I’m getting confused!

Byron here, with an update on the Bell Mountain trivia contest–and didn’t I tell Lee, time and time again, that the prize for the winner ought to be a bicycle? And did he listen to me? Nooooo…

Heidi won by answering all 20 questions correctly, but she already had a prize from an earlier contest, so she ceded her prize to Joshua–who came in second, fair and square, but he also had a prize from an earlier contest, and wants to pass this one on to whoever came next.

It’s a good thing Aunt Feezy saved the totals sheet, which she was going to use as a tablecloth. Going back over the results, after Joshua comes “The White Rabbit,” so he has now won the autographed book–bit of a hot potato, ain’t it?

I’ll remind him now that it’s OK to wait for the new Bell Mountain book, His Mercy Endureth Forever, and claim that for his prize. When it gets published sometime next spring, just remind us that we’ve promised to reserve a copy for you.

And now I’ll have to think up some other contest, the prize for which will be the bright red Quokka T-shirt, Extra Large, which I can’t find a picture of. Suggestions, anyone?

And the Winner Is… ‘Magnificat’

“The White Rabbit” has won our first annual Christmas Carol Contest with Magnificat by Keith and Kristyn Getty. Posted in Dec. 19, this hymn got 27 views on that day.

Lyn, dear Linda Sorci’s daughter, wins a special prize for The Christmas Shoes (33 views, Nov. 27).

Meanwhile, Mr. Rabbit, you’re in line to receive an autographed copy of The Temptation when it comes out, which should be soon (no reason for it not to be–but what do I know?), so please email me your mailing address. I should still have it somewhere, from the last time you won a contest, but you should see this stack of paper here. Much easier if you just send it again.

If you’d prefer an earlier book in the series, that’s okay, too–just let me know.

Everybody, thanks for requesting so many hymns and making this contest a success.

And we are still taking requests for Christmas hymns, so please feel free!

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