‘Are Cats “Persons”?’ (2016)

My cats have always made me suspect they understand plain English. And they do things that convince me that they have their own reasons for whatever they do–reasons which will always be inaccessible to humans.

Are Cats ‘Persons’?

The closer we look, the more personality we can see in animals–especially our pets. After all, they live intimately with us and some of us is bound to rub off on them. A jolly home makes for a jolly dog. I can’t remember who said that, but it’s true.

Man and Cat: It’s Complicated

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My father was a big softy: which was why so many people loved him. But he always tried to hide this aspect of himself… fooling nobody. Every dog knew this man could be had.

Our cat Henry was a very discerning feline. If I had let him pick my friends, I would’ve done better. He had little use for most of the people we brought into our home. They could “kitty-kitty!” him all they liked and he still wouldn’t go near them.

So there’s my father sitting on the rocking chair in our living room, discoursing on how much he loves dogs but cats, nah, not his cup of tea, never could warm up to cats. You big faker, you. Because there’s choosy, discriminating Henry sitting on his lap! Purring. And getting petted.

Your animals know who’s good, who’s not. Don’t be afraid to trust them.

Video Treat: Cats’ Welcome Wagon

Who’s the lummox who said cats don’t care for you? Here are some cats who are very glad you’re back, wherever you were, and don’t mind showing it.

And now it’s time for me to see if lying down in bed can help me any…

Guilty Cat–Busted!

Usually our little friends are too clever to get caught doing something really naughty, like opening a drawer to take something out of it which we’ll never see again–not in one piece, at any rate.

Observe the guilty look on this cat’s face. It says it all.