My Newswithviews Column, June 2 (‘Public Education: Grade Students Based on Skin Color’)

Proud Boys Are Teaming Up With Anti-Maskers to Threaten School Boards Over  COVID Mandates

Mad enough yet?

It’s too bad we can’t use public education outrage stories to create energy. It’s a renewable resource, a virtually unlimited supply.

Public Education: Grade Students Based on Skin Color

What do public “educators” do with our tax dollars? Well, what do we see them doing? Fomenting racism and pushing “transgender”. They do it in plain sight and then deny they’re doing it! Dudes, a lie has to be somewhat credible in order to work. Your lies are hopeless.

Do they really, truly believe they’re doing black students a favor by lowering standards for them so that they can get a diploma without learning anything?

I would have asked “honestly believe,” but there is no truth, no honesty at all, in any of these people.