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Kittens & Puppies Together

WARNING: You’re gonna fall in love.

How can you tell they’re not hurting each other, when they do this stuff? Hint: the puppy yawns as the kitten chews his leg; the kitten almost falls asleep as the puppy gnaws his ear.

They Play Like Cats & Dogs

They look like they’re trying to murder each other, but nobody ever gets hurt: how do they do that? I mean, really, puppies and kittens do love a rasslin’ match.

My favorite here is the adult cat getting swarmed over by a whole litter of puppies. She doesn’t seem to mind! And neither would I.

Cat: ‘I’m Ignoring You’

Hey! You think those Buckingham Palace guards, with the red coats and the big hats, are experts at making like you aren’t there? Well, they learned it from cats!

But cats don’t just ignore you and me. They can ignore anybody. Watch this really quite cute little puppy try to get a rise out of this cat. He’d have better luck with a birdbath. My cat Robbie is a genuine whiz at acting like you’re not talking to her. (P.S.–She’s getting so much better, thanks for your prayers.

They can’t ignore your opening the food cabinet, though. The puppy should have tried that.

Puppies’ First Howl

If this doesn’t give you a feel for the advantages of turtles and newts as pets, I don’t know what will. You should see my cat’s reaction to this video.

Older dogs, humans, and cockatoos can teach puppies to howl and yowl. Why you would want to teach them that, who knows?

All aboard for Baskerville Hall…

Funny Pups

Come on, who doesn’t like puppies? I even like mud puppies, although there aren’t any in this video and they’re never what even I would call playful. But these furry, tumbly little characters–wasn’t God good, to create them?

Who Shall Have This Bed?

Boy, cats can put on the cool when they want to. You know they do it on purpose, just to exasperate naive puppies and naive human beings.

Would it be asking too much of the owner to provide a second bed?

Fierce Bad Puppies!

Whether the target is the baby’s diaper (with the baby in it), a reflection in a mirror, or a cat twice your size, ferocious, fearless puppies are down for the struggle!

Who doesn’t love puppies? Heck, I even like mud puppies, and they’re awful hard to love. But the furry kind are nicer.

Puppy Minds the Baby

This little fellow wants to be a good baby-sitter, but he just can’t stay awake! How can he watch over the baby, if he’s going to fall asleep?

Well, you’ll see.

Smile! Baby Goats

The news is bumming me out today. How about some of God’s stuff instead?

If the frisky baby goats in this video can’t put a smile on your face, I don’t know what can–with some puppies thrown in for good measure.

The Lord has a lot of ways to comfort us… including baby animals.

Funny Dogs to the Rescue

Something’s got to get this blog in gear today, so I’ve left it up to a band of funny dogs. I mean, you gotta love the video of that puppy challenging a flower to a fight. Or how about the dog who discovers the unending fascination of a springy doorstop?

Dogs do know how to have fun; and they’re pretty good at helping us to have fun, too.

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