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‘The Bible Tells Me So’

Can you imagine this song being a hit today? The Bible Tells Me So–written by Dale Evans, sung with her husband, Roy Rogers (“King of the Cowboys!”)–was released in 1962. I remember hearing it on the radio. “Faith, hope, and charity, that’s the way to live successfully. How do I know? The Bible tells me so!”

Meanwhile, I’m vegetating in the doctor’s waiting room… and hoping a lot of you will browse the blog archives while you’re here and I’m there.

Memory Lane: Your Roy Rogers Lunchbox

Image result for images of roy rogers lunchbox

Did you have one of these? Wow, Roy and Dale and Trigger and Bullet–

Roy Rogers was a movie star, but when I was a boy he had a hit TV show, too: and most TV shows that made a hit with the kiddies wound up getting merchandised as lunchboxes. That was back before School Officials (aka education fat-heads) took it upon themselves to tell parents what they could or couldn’t put in their children’s lunchboxes. To paraphrase King Solomon, better a little snack-pack of Oreos served with love, than a Real Nutritious Tofu Vegan Feast doled out by a school bureaucracy.

So Roy and Dale were joined in the lunchbox parade by Zorro, Gene Autry, Wild Bill Hickcock, Rin-Tin-Tin, Davy Crockett, and a host of others. Not one of whom ever dropped the f-bomb on national TV, or bragged about being an atheist, or was a stooge for left-wing politics.

Gee, I can still hear Roy and Dale singing “Happy Trails” at the end of each episode of their TV show. Let me see if I can find that for you…

Cats & Robo-Vac: Perfect Together

Everybody I know who has a cat and a robot vacuum cleaner says they go together like Roy Rogers and Trigger. If you had two of each, the other could be Dale Evans and Buttermilk, and they could ride along singing “Happy Trails to You.”

Like so:

Oh, yeah–remember that?

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