‘I Need Thee Every Hour’ (in Welsh)

In Welsh it’s “Mae d’eisiau di bob awr,” and we know it as I Need Thee Every Hour. Don’t you find that if you know the melody, the hymn will speak to you no matter what language it’s sung in?

King Arthur and St. David would have understood these lyrics.

Hymn, ‘Crown Him With Many Crowns’

Usually I like my hymns simpler than this; but today I ask for something to blow a fierce, fresh wind through my mind: a hymn with a full orchestra and a couple hundred people singing it for all they’re worth. This is from St. David’s Hall in Cardiff, Wales.

Went to see my aunt, which was upsetting, and cranked out a News With Views column: I need to hear my King praised. I need to know He will come at the appointed time and cleanse the earth so God the Father can regenerate it.

Come, Lord Jesus–come!