‘Camp Bah-Lo-Nee’ (2020)

Quokka on Rottnest Island - Journey Beyond

(“There’s gotta be one my size, somewhere here!”)

(Good Lord! This was three years ago? No wonder I’m getting old!)

There are those who want to talk and listen to politics all the time. They can’t tear themselves from the screen. They know the names of all the politicians’ lawyers.

Now they can pursue their hobby to their hearts’ content without disturbing anybody.

Camp Bah-Lo-Nee

Surely you’ve suddenly found yourself in conversations like this: “How about that Buster Kahunavich, eh? Was that on the money or was that on the money, what Joy Behar’s cousin’s lawyer said about him? Looks like Sherry Quaggleheimer won’t be shining Doc Fanabla’s silver this time!” Etc., etc.

Just direct the speaker to Camp Bah-Lo-Nee.

Can We Talk?

Australia is finally opening up - and sublime Rottnest Island is more  irresistible than ever | Daily Mail Online

Waiting for a comment contest winner! Aunt Feezy, Uncle Dib, and Cousin Klim

Today is Good Friday, and I feel a little icky about posting any nooze. Oh, if something good were to happen, certainly I’d mention it. But most of what’s going on out there is not good.

I don’t think I’m called to be a disc jockey and just post nothing but hymns all day–although I am committed to starting every blogging day with a hymn, and I’ll post more than one if they’re requested.

What to do, what to do?

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