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They Want You to Live Like Morlocks

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How long does it take for people to Evolve into Morlocks?

Boy, the crap that’s in the nooze these days…

“Experts”–the unnamed kind: just “experts”–are touting the virtues of moving our civilization underground to escape the ravages of Climbit Change, Overpopulation, food shortages, and any other globalist boogeyman they can think of (https://au.news.yahoo.com/only-way-down-subterranean-survival-warning-022606429–spt.html).

See, they’re into “re-purposing places below street level” so they can meet “seven of the United Nations’ sustainable development goals.” [How do you spell the sound a raspberry makes? Never mind, I’ll get the video.]

Anyway, living underground like moles will protect us from the “severe weather Climate Change is expected to spark”–expected by whom? By schmendricks who believe this bunk. Going underground will slow down the loss of farmland–farmland that gets paved over by the same corrupt politicians who are serving us this environmental pap, richly seasoned with hypocrisy. And we can stuff all our cars underground, too! Because cars–at least cars owned by us peasants–are so baaaaad! “Cars are killing cities,” prattle the experts. Wrong, bozo. The jerks who govern the cities are killing the cities.

So then, boys and girls, all the lib’rals went underground to live, and over thousands of years, the magic of Evolution turned them into Morlocks! And then they came out of hiding and ate the defenseless Eloi people–breakfast, lunch, and supper! And the moral of the story is, The Experts Are Always Right! Now eat your roach milk cakes, or we’ll have to report you to The Party…

UN Taps Wonder Woman–Yeah, That Wonder Woman


Image result for images of wonder woman

(Sorry, Wonder Woman: you deserve better than this…)

In keeping with its whole-hearted commitment to idiocy, the United Nations has named a cartoon character, Wonder Woman, Honorary Ambassador for the Empowerment of Women and Girls ( http://www.womenofchina.cn/womenofchina/html1/news/international/1611/2505-1.htm ).

It saddens me to tell you that this is not a satire.

Get this. Wonder Woman, an imaginary character, “will be tasked with raising awareness about Goal 5 of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, which is to advance gender equality and empower all women and girls by 2030.”

What, all of them? And empower them to do what? And how will this square with the United Nations’ equally deep commitment to coddling and sucking up to Islam?

So an imaginary character is going to lead them toward an imaginary goal. Ain’t secular humanism grand?

Oh, well, at least Wonder Woman, as a cartoon character, won’t be able to steal anything. For that you need a real woman. Like Hillary Clinton.

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