Christian Blogger: ‘Simon the Sorcerer’ (Acts 8)

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Acts 8- Simon The Sorcerer

Acts 8 tells of one Simon the Sorcerer, who had convinced the people of his town that he was “some great one.” When he saw the apostles lay hands on his neighbors and baptize them with the Holy Spirit, he tried to buy the ability to do this himself.

And St. Peter said, “Thy money perish with thee.”

We have more than our share of false prophets–and worse–today, many of whom seem to think that the spiritual gifts of God are up for sale. They have their followings.

But the gifts of God are not for sale! They are given by God’s grace alone; they are not merchandise.

I’ve always wondered what happened with the rest of Simon’s life, after he asked Peter to pray for him. Did he repent and sin no more? Or did he just set up shop somewhere else?

They Couldn’t Silence the Apostles (Acts 4)

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