‘Luke 24–Christ Is Risen’ (Christian Blogger)

Is this what Peter saw?

When they heard the women say Jesus’ tomb was empty, Peter and “another disciple” ran on ahead to see for themselves. For the rest of the story, see Luke, Chapter 24. Here it’s been set up for us on the Unashamed of Jesus blog:

Luke 24- Christ Is Risen

Jesus had told them He would rise; but when they actually saw the empty tomb, did they believe? Luke describes them as “perplexed.” Well, who wouldn’t be?

They didn’t know they were living out the very first Easter morning. Nothing like it had ever happened in the world before. And they all understood that, by and by; but not right away. Not right away. Even for them it took some time.

‘Luke 8-Legion’ (Christian Blogger)

In “Luke 8-Legion,” at the Unashamed of Jesus blog, we revisit Jesus Christ Our Lord as he heals a man possessed by a whole legion of devils.

Luke 8- Legion

The kicker is unexpected: having seen this miracle of healing–proof positive that Jesus is the Son of God–the people are suddenly afraid of Him and beg Him to leave!

Were they afraid of their own salvation? That’s something to think about.

Note: I continue to display work by my fellow Christian bloggers. Really, we have to help each other to get the message out. None of us can do it alone.

‘Luke 6–Jesus Is Our Rock’ (Christian Blogger)

I’m still saying Christian bloggers have to help each other. There are people out there who are trying to keep our message from getting out. They suppress our readership. But we can help each other by re-posting or re-blogging each other’s posts.

We have this from the “Unashamed of Jesus” blog:

Luke 6- Jesus Is Our Rock

Why call ye me, Lord, Lord, and do not the things which I say? (Luke 6:46-48)

This is a serious question that Jesus asks, and you can be sure He’s still asking it today. Anyone can call himself a Christian–and then go out and ignore the Lord’s teaching… or even actively oppose it.

Jesus warns us not to build on sand, without Him as the foundation. He warns us not to put our faith in things of this world, because that foundation will surely fail us when we need it most.

But to build on Him, and on His word, is to build upon a rock; and that foundation will endure.

Save Me

From unashamedofjesus.org… Can we add “Amen!” to that?     –LD