Far Left Wacko: ‘Dissolve the Supreme Court’

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It’s a co-equal branch of government established by the Constitution, but a talking head out there wants to “dissolve the Supreme Court of the United States” (https://livenewsamerica.com/keith-olbermann-calls-for-supreme-court-to-be-dissolved-over-pro-2a-ruling/)–this while a panel of Democrats in Congress gabble about “the Jan. 6 Insurrection.” Oh! And keep trying to set up a federal “Disinformation Governance Board.”

Think the Disinformation police will be coming after this guy?

Keith Olbermann used to be a big wheel in Far Left Crazy. Now he’s just a crabby old lib on YouTube.

He doesn’t like the way the Court’s been ruling lately, so he wants to get rid of it. How, he doesn’t say.

He also recommends that states ignore SCOTUS rulings that Democrats don’t like–especially the Court’s most recent affirmation of law-abiding citizens’ right to own and carry firearms.

Nope, no insurrection here.

I don’t like to insert this dindle into the nooze, but he’s already there, trying to make himself relevant. Besides, he’s surely not the only leftid who wants to abolish the Supreme Court. If they can’t pack it, sack it.

These are not people who want our republic to survive.

Packing the Court to Bursting

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853 Supreme Court justices on their way home after another grueling day of not being able to finish their work

Democrats have made no secret of their desire to pack the Supreme Court once they’re back in power, adding as many Far Left Crazy “judges” as they need to create an ironclad leftist majority. All they need is to keep control of the House of Representatives and get one of their commie stooges in as president.

Given that it’s virtually impossible to remove a Supreme Court justice, what could Republicans do but pack the court again, once they got back in power? And then when the Dems get back in, pack it again, and so on. Next thing you know, we’ve got 853 Supreme Court justices.

We take it for granted that Democrats have absolutely no care for our republican institutions and would discard them or destroy them or corrupt them at the drop of a hat. They’ve grown accustomed to using the Supreme Court to ram through major policy changes that didn’t have enough public support to get done through legislation–abortion, Obamacare, “gay marriage,” etc. That was how they were able to experiment with our way of life without being held accountable for it at the polls. That is, the court was what they used to screw with America.

Packing the court must lead to stuffing the court, which must lead to just plain ruining the court by destroying any credibility it ever had. The Constitution sets no limit on the number of Supreme Court justices: our founders overestimated the common sense and sanity of their descendants.

It’s nerve-racking to live in a time when one of your two major political parties wants to trash the country.