Welcom Back to Collidge, Now Shut Up

Its almost time for the new semester to start, and ther wil be lots of new studints on our campas. I has ben here all sumer, workin on my degre in Gender Studies.

That stopid guy had to go to dentist, so I got his blog, ha-ha.

Lots of peple ben complaning about no freedem of speetch in collidge anymore. Well, ther aint suposed to be no freedem!!! What kind of big dumby thinks you can oaught to be alowed to say wrong things?

You freshmen who is coming in, yuo shuld pay attenttion to yuor Studnt Guide and just not say anything. Only us interllecturals shuld auht to be alowed to say things, because we never say nothing that is hatful or wrong or stopid. The rest of yiu is not interllecturels yet so you shuld just shut up. Yous dont know how to talk without sayin things that is microgresion. (I am not sure abuot that word, I only lernt it the other day. My prefesser he says its microgresion when you say or do somthing that is ofensieve even when yuo dont meane it. He says you cant hardly say nothing withhout being microgrestive.)

Well I got to go now, ther is a lectur on a bortion how it keeps wimmin helthy, and how we got to defiend Planed Parinthood from the  Vaste Rihjtwing Conspracy, and after that I got class in Self-Esteem. So rembember, if yuo aint a interllectural, just shut up and dont say nothing. Thats yuor cyvic dutie!!!

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    1. OK, if you have wisdom answer this: If Bill has 2 apples, and John has 5 apples, who has the most apples?

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