The Sea Lily Walks

Hi, Mr. Nature here, with our first video of 2016.

Here is an animal which most people, looking at it, would think was a plant. Scientists call it a crinoid. Some people call it a sea lily. These are very commonly found as fossils, but as you can see, they’re still around today.

This footage was taken by a camera on the deep bottom of the sea. Hey, is that the flower’s stalk dragging after it? Yes, that’s what it is. Imagine seeing that in your garden: a tulip crawling along, dragging its stalk behind it. Except, of course, the crinoid is an animal, related to the starfish. And it can detach its stalk from whatever it’s clinging to.

Doesn’t God make cool stuff? I mean, really, if you were creating the world, would you have ever thought of crinoids?


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  1. Incredible! God truly does create cool stuff! I’m always in awe of His creation. When I lived in South Florida, nighttime would bring the most beautiful chirping song – it’s a translucent gecko that only comes out at night and their song is so beautiful!

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